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  • DKU Regulatory Policy on Indirect Costs Management
  • DKU Policy on Conflict of Interest in Research
  • DKU Policy on Data Management Plans
  • DKU Policy on Intellectual Property Rights
  • DKU Policy on Inventions, Patents, and Technology Transfer
  • DKU Policy on Open Access to Research
  • DKU Policy on Research Data Management
  • DKU Principles and Procedures regarding research on human subjects
  • RP-DKU Faculty Consulting - final ENG
  • RP-DKU Guidelines for Authorship and Authorship Dispute Resolution
  • RP-DKU Misconduct in research
  • RP-DKU Policy on Research Records
  • RP-DKU Principal Investigator Status
  • Regulatory Policies on Sponsored Research Funds Management
  • DKU Academic Salary Buyouts Policy
  • DKU Course Buy Out Policy