International Students

International student mobility

Internationals students are required to have a valid passport stamped with a valid student visa (X1 or X2) to study in China. Your passport must be valid with at least two years remaining (For MMS students, at least 6 months remaining). Duke Kunshan University students are expected to pay for passport photos, passport and visa processing fees, as well as other related fees.

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Medical Insurance

U.S. based students, international students from outside U.S., and students from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan are required to purchase the Medical Insurance Plan from Duke Kunshan University. More detailed information regarding the insurance coverage, benefits and enrollment process will be available later on.

Cell Phones and Plans in China

Having a local cell phone numbers may be a top priority for international students. But don’t worry, student life team will hold you a great resource fair, where several vendors are available for you to choose the plans you like to have. More information will be given to you during Orientation Week.

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Resource Fair event 2015

Chinese bank account

Having a Chinese bank account during your stay in DKU can be a very convenient way to pay bills and receive reimbursements and payments. Once you have arrived on campus, student life will assist you to complete an application in to a local bank and bank account and a debit card. This may take at least 7 working days. Please bear in your mind that you need to have a Chinese cell phone number first in order to apply for a bank account. There are no banks, but ATMs (that accept only RMB), on campus – most of the bank offices are located in the city center. If you open a bank account you should remember to close it before you leave China. Foreign currency is conveniently exchanged at most of Chinese bank. More information will be given to you during the Orientation Week. 


Kunshan has a very well developed public transit system such as buses, taxis and “Green” bikes available throughout the city. It is very easy to get around the city. However, our campus area is far from the city center. There are three options if you need to go to the city center. 

  • By bus - cost 1-2RMB (occasionally some routes cost 4-5RMB)
  • By taxis -They are relatively affordable in Kunshan. All legal cabs use a meter. If the driver doesn’t start the meter when you start driving you should remind drivers to dabiao(turn on the meter). Don’t forget to take a receipt("fapiao") once get off the taxi. Click here to download a taxi card with the Duke Kunshan address in Chinese. You can download APPs such as DIDICHUXING or Uber from your APP store. This apps will allow you to make a reservation or you can call 96889699 to make a reservation in Chinese.
  • By "Green" bike - Public Green Bikes is one of the transportation service provided by the Kunshan City. The green bikes are free to use and provide a quick and convenient means of getting a round. Getting a Green Bike card is the first step to becoming more active in Kunshan, not to mention avoiding the worst of rush hour traffic. More information will be provided during the Orientation Week.

Basic Survival Chinese words

Generally in China, people are very accepting of International visitors and most of the amenities you have at home are also available to you here. It is important to understand that China and the Chinese people having their own unique culture. During your stay, it will be useful to learn some of basic Chinese words. More information will be given to you during the Orientation Week.