Prominent Entrepreneurs, Global Investors, Scholars ON China’s Recent Re-emergence as a Player in Global Innovation
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Hear from leaders driving innovation at BGI, Tencent, J&J China, Tesla, Honeywell, and start-ups in clean tech, media, entertainment, finance and IT as well as investors from Sequoia, Lilly, CIC, Qianhai FOFS and new angel funds. Learn from faculty at Duke University, Peking University, Tsinghua University and Arizona State University. Participate in candid discussions to get answers to the following thought-provoking questions:

  • Can China innovate?
  • What can we learn about China’s position as an innovator by looking at other models (i.e. the US, Israel, and Korea)?
  • What are the implications of China’s ongoing advances in IP protection?
  • Is entrepreneurship the right model of innovation in China? given its current financial markets, the continued large role the state, and the human capital produced by its education system?
A Two-part Forum:

(*simultaneous translation to be provided)

To elevate the dialogue on this issue, this forum will consist of keynote speakers and panelists who can offer a global, comparative view of: How is China doing compared to other countries, and what is China’s present and future role in the global innovation landscape?

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50 participants including leading international and Chinese experts in innovation, and R&D leaders in the international and Chinese business community will engage in a “roundtable-style discussion” to explore the real and substantive changes occurring in China’s innovation landscape.

All 50 attendees are expected to contribute to the conversation. To help distill the insights that emerge from this session, a select group of participants will be invited to contribute short articles offering their reflections on the discussion. These articles will be gathered for publication in a book for broader distribution at a later date.

*Please note this portion of the program will require approval by the organizing committee. Please inquire within in order to participate.

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