Drivers of Cross-border Competition and Collaboration
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Whether they view Artificial Intelligence as an opportunity, a threat or both, scientific, business and government leaders around the world are vying to understand AI’s potential and take action. Everything from corporate business models to national economic development plans to US-China relations is being affected by the so-called “race” for AI, across countries and industry sectors. But is the development of AI really just a competitive race?

The 2018 Duke International Forum creates a platform for open discussion on the opportunities and complexities of AI development across the globe. What are the effects of contrasting government policies on scientific advancement and private-sector investment? Where do we see evidence that collaboration—among countries, industries and sectors—is a fruitful path? Which industries are most at risk of being disrupted? How are entrepreneurs responding? Legacy companies? Where are the biggest investment opportunities? How will current talent shortages and legal and regulatory issues be resolved?

Join more than 25 global leaders, entrepreneurs and experts from China, the U.S., Europe for insight into these and other critical issues that will govern the future of AI and its impact on society.

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