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Workshop of Intelligent Technology and Big Data In Nature Conservation

Apr 09th 2018 10:40

I. Purpose

Biodiversity conservation is a critical component of sustainable development. It has been recognized and emphasized both in International agendas such as the Convention on Biological Diversity and in China (e.g. 19th National Congress of the communist Party of China). New technologies and techniques have been gradually incorporated into biodiversity conservation and emerging fields such as data science, artificial intelligence and image processing together with innovative non-invasive techniques in surveying wildlife, show great promise for securing biodiversity.  For example, huge quantities of image data are accumulated from camera traps, remote sensing, drones and citizen science efforts (e.g. birding activities). Nonetheless, challenges remain in making sense of all these data to inform on effective conservation policy. An advancement in such areas will greatly assist conservation practitioners such as protected area managers, researchers, and the government, to better understand and manage China’s natural resources.

DKU proposes a workshop on Conservation Technology to bring experts in both conservation technology and field conservation together to share their experiences, exchange ideas and form new collaborations.  

DKU, with a strong research capability, is home to both Environmental Research and Data Science Centers, and is thus in a unique position to host this initiative.

Building international connections with decision makers and conservation practitioners will help DKU contribute effectively to national and international conservation technology efforts in the future

II. Time: April 9-10th, 2018

III. Venue: Duke Kunshan University, Kunshan, China

IV. Invited speakers

  • Alex Dehgan, Co-founder of Conservation X Labs, USA.

  • Antony J. Lynam, Senior Regional Advisor, Asia Programs,

  • Center for Global Conservation, Wildlife Conservation Society, USA

  • David M. Baker, Assistant Professor, Swire Marine Science Center, The University of Hong Kong

  • Felix Tian, DJI Technology Co., Ltd Liu Jingnan, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chancellor of Duke Kunshan University

  • Feng Limin, Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Beijing Normal University

  • Kyle Snyder, Director, Transportation Research and Education Center, North Carolina State University

  • Lan Yubin, Senior Agricultural Engineer, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Special Assistant to President of Shandong Polytechnic University, Dean, School of Agricultural Engineering and Food Science

  • Li Binbin, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies Center at Duke Kunshan University. Assistant Professor of Nicholas Environmental College, Duke University, USA

  • Li Xin, Professor of Electronic and Computer Engineering at Duke University and the Director of  Applied Science and Engineering School and Big Data Research Center at Duke Kunshan University

  • Lian Pin Koh, Chair of Applied Ecology and Conservation, Founder of Conservation Drones, University of Adelaide, Australia

  • Liu Jingnan, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chancellor of Duke Kunshan University

  • vLuke Gibson, Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering at the Southern University of Science and Technology.

  • Lyu Zhi, Professor of Conservation Biology at Peking University, Founder of Shanshui, China

  • Wang Jiansong, CEO of Deepiot, China

  • Wang Wei, Research Associate, China Academy of Environmental Sciences

  •  Yang Chao, Director of Environment Protection, State Forestry Administration, China

  • Zoe Jewell and Sky Alibhai, Founders and Directors of WildTrack, USA.

We also expect researchers, protected area managers and staff, government officers, industry staff and media from China will participate in this workshop.

V. Registration

To register for this event, please scan the QR code or go to by March 23, 2018