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“Maximize Your Impact” | English Public Speaking Training

Apr 21st 2017 19:40

For college students, public speaking is essential. Outstanding speechmaking skills will lay a solid foundation for their future development. At the same time, it helps the student to hone their presentation skills in preparation for entering the workforce or future graduate school training.

Master of Environmental Policy (iMEP) Program at Duke Kunshan University is inviting students who would like to improve their public speaking skills to participate in a 3-day training. Professors from Duke Kunshan University will help the students identify their issues and find out possible solutions based on one-on-one tutoring.


Form of Practical Training

During the training sessions, 20 participants will give presentations in turn. After the presentation of each student, the advisors will give short comments based on their performance, one would focus on the academic content and another on speaking skills. In the subsequent Instructions and Student Practice session, students can make an appointment with the experts for one-to-one instructions.


Junjie Zhang, Ph.D.

Director, iMEP Program and Environmental Research Center, Duke Kunshan University; Associate Professor, Duke Kunshan University and Duke University

Environmental economist with expertise in the design of policies on air pollution, climate change, and natural resources

John S. Ji, Sc.D.

Associate Director, iMEP Program
Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Science, Duke Kunshan University

Environmental health researcher with interests in population health sciences, epidemiology, occupational health, and energy and the environment. 

John S. Ji, Sc.D.

EFL/Graduate Language Instructor, Duke University, Language and Culture Center, Duke Kunshan University

Edie Allen taught English to international graduate students for the past 16 years at Duke University, serving as the Assistant Director of the Duke Graduate School’s English for International Students program before accepting an appointment at Duke Kunshan University. She currently teaches academic writing and

presentation skills to the graduate students at Duke Kunshan. Her primary focus is on helping students build the oral and literacy skills needed for graduate school, while also developing their professional communication skills in areas such as interviewing and presenting

Maxi-Ann Campbell

ESL/Academic Writing Instructor, Writing and Language Programs, Duke Kunshan University

Prior to joining DKU as an EFL / Writing Instructor, Maxi-Ann Campbell has taught English at Tsinghua University and Shantou University, and has served as a Global Academic Fellow at NYU Shanghai. Her research focuses on native-nonnative speaker interaction in university settings and the interplay of culture and language in Chinese English-medium universities on students’ development of linguistic and cultural competence.

Application Requirements

  1. Applicants are required to apply through the application link, fill in all the information and upload curriculum vitae (both Chinese and English are acceptable).
  2. Participants are invited to do presentations in two training sessions. The theme of the presentation should be related to one of the following areas: public policy, economics, environmental management, climate change, biodiversity conservation, clean energy, and environmental health. Please upload a brief introduction of your research (in English, no more than 2 pages).
  3. The theme of the presentation can come from: course-related assignments, research projects, or graduation design (thesis).
  4. Applicants should currently be full-time undergraduate students.
  5. This activity will support 16-20 students.


  1. Accommodation for participants will be covered by Master of Environmental Policy (iMEP) Program. Students will stay in the university conference center.
  2. Travel expenses will be subsidized by Master of Environmental Policy (iMEP) Program. Students from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui can receive up to 500 RMB / person. Students from other provinces can receive up to 1200 RMB / person. To receive the subsidy, students are required to provide relevant invoices according to university policy.
  3. Other expenses need to be paid by the students

Application Deadline

March 26, 2017


  1. Tickets need to be prepaid by the students.
  2. Disclaimer: The students are responsible for their own safety, and to comply with the university arrangements.

Contact US

Any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

Email: lingyue.zhang@dukekunshan.edu.cn

Landline: 0512-36657180