Mission Statement | Duke Kunshan University

Mission Statement

Duke Kunshan University is a highly selective research-oriented, liberal arts and sciences university located in China, whose primary mission is to enable students from around the world to lead purposeful and productive lives. By delivering the highest quality undergraduate and graduate education that is truly interdisciplinary, we prepare students for professional, intellectual and societal leadership roles across the globe. The core of our educational offering is a four-year undergraduate degree program featuring an integrated and multi-disciplinary curriculum, with an effective blend of Chinese, American, and global techniques and values and a culture of academic excellence and freedom. Our world-class faculty pursue knowledge in service to society, involving students in innovative scholarship and research programs. As a premier Sino-US joint-venture university, we embrace the integration of global, national, and local traditions of thought and experience and promote cross-cultural understanding and cross-border collaborations.

Duke Kunshan University’s core educational principles are:

  • Curiosity, passion and the search for truth augmented by advanced research skills and the capacity and desire to generate creative, reasoned responses to complex issues and problems. 
  • A liberal arts and sciences pedagogy that emphasizes the importance of educational breadth, free inquiry and deep engagement. Duke Kunshan University’s interdisciplinary framework draws on multiple disciplines and integrates knowledge and research methodologies.
  • Pluralism, tolerance and a willingness to engage with and learn from others in preparation for living, working and leading – effectively and ethically – in an interconnected, multi-cultural world.  
  • Community action and service that is globally connected and locally grounded.