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About the ARC

ARC Overview

What Is the ARC?

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is a learning support center within the Office of Undergraduate Advising. Our vision is to provide undergraduate students at Duke Kunshan University (DKU) with quality academic resources that promote inclusive learning and development.

Establishment of the ARC at DKU

The ARC at DKU was established in 2018, the same year that DKU welcomed the first undergraduate class. Our center was designed through intentional collaboration and contribution of students, staff, and faculty at DKU. At the beginning of the fall semester in 2018, we had 2 full-time staff providing tutoring support for 1 course. Since our establishment, we have developed and diversified our services to include tutoring, first-year transition, academic success workshops, signature events, and academic success coaching. The ARC team now includes 6 full-time Academic Success Tutors (Learning Professionals) and 34+ undergraduate Peer Tutors supporting  24 courses (and growing) across the divisions of Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural & Applied Sciences.  Our speciality is providing tutoring and learning support for gateway, sequence, core, and large lecture courses. 

The ARC’s Academic Support Services

Tutoring - Tutorial services provided by the ARC are supplemental to course instruction. To maximize learning, several tutoring formats are available (e.g, drop-in tutoring, 1-on-1 appointment, study group, review session).

Peer Tutor Program - Peer Tutors are DKU undergraduate students who have successfully completed applicable courses and received international College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) tutor training and development. Peer Tutors help other students by modeling constructive academic practices, honing skills, and developing academic strategies in a friendly and supportive community. DKU is among the first institutions in China to receive CRLA certification of our undergraduate tutoring program.

Academic Success Workshops - Interactive learning modules to help students develop successful learning practices, skills, and strategies. Students who complete a series of these workshops as part of the Academic Success Program (ASP) receive an official certificate of completion.

Academic Success Coaching - Personalized consultations that can include reviewing past academic performance, examining academic concerns, identifying barriers to success, setting realistic academic goals, and developing an intervention plan to improve performance.

Our Staff

Danyue (Dorothy) Su

Learning Consultant

Dorothy grew up in Shanxi, which is famous for noodles and vinegar. She had a passion for organic chemistry in high school and it finally became her major in undergraduate and graduate schools. After working in the ARC for about a year, Dorothy found her interest in education. She went back to school and became a graduate student in Education. When Dorothy is outside the office, you can find her reading novels and listening to music, enjoying her time at home.

Jingting (Hannah) Han

Learning Consultant

Jingting loves to stay in different cities, see different landscapes and meet different people. She was born in Inner Mongolia, grew up in Beijing, obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacological Chemistry from University of California, San Diego, and received her Master’s degree in Molecular Biology from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. After graduation, she worked as a product specialist in BGI for one year in Shenzhen. Now, here she is at DKU. She started supporting biology learning for students at DKU in April 2020. Outside of work, she is a Yogi who loves travelling, reading books and watching movies.

Yuanyuan (Freya) Feng

Learning Consultant

Yuanyuan was born in Yangzhou, a small but very beautiful tourist city in Jiangsu province. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Information Science and Technology in Soochow University. After that, she continued her study in Soochow University for her Master’s degree in Physics. She started working at DKU in February 2020. Yuanyuan’s favorite hobbies are traveling and eating wonderful foods. Her dream is to taste all kinds of food when traveling around the world.

Yunqi Zhu

Learning Consultant

Yunqi is from Kunshan. She had her Bachelor’s degree in Aircraft Design and Engineering from Northwestern Polytechnic University in Xi’an, and Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She started working at DKU in July 2018. Yunqi loves animals. She has cats, dogs, birds, fish and turtles.

Yunqiu (Maisie) Zhang

Learning Consultant

Maisie is from Wuhan. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Wuhan University, where she first heard of DKU. While she was a summer intern for Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at DKU in 2017, she prepared curriculum plans and faculty biographies for the upcoming undergraduate degree program. After she graduated with a Master’s degree in Finance from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she returned to DKU as an Academic Success Tutor in September 2018, learning and growing together with her students. Outside of work, Maisie loves dessert and anime, and often takes part in various student activities at DKU.

Contact US

Location: Conference Center Room 3114

Email: DKU-arc@dukekunshan.edu.cn

Follow us on WeChat for upcoming events!



What does the ARC do? What if I am not sure if you can help me?

The ARC offers a variety of services that support DKU undergraduate students to learn, such as tutoring, coaching and workshops. You can look at our ARC Overview page to get a general idea of each service, or go to the webpage of each service for the detailed information. If you are not sure how we can help you, feel free to write us an email or drop by our office for a chat.

Are there student worker opportunities in the ARC?

We hire DKU undergraduate students who have successfully completed applicable courses to work as Peer Tutors based on demand. More information about Peer Tutors can be found in the Peer Tutor Program section.

Tutoring Service

What is a tutoring session like? Can I get help with my assignment?

During a learning session, our tutors use the socratic method asking intentional questions to help students reflect, connect knowledge points and develop effective learning skills to become an independent learner. We can definitely help you with your homework, but not by doing the work for you, rather by guiding you to find the solution on your own.

When are tutoring sessions offered?

We offer tutoring sessions throughout the week, including evenings and weekends. You can find the detailed schedule of tutoring sessions for the current semester on our Tutoring Service page. During COVID-19, we are extending our services to offer tutoring in multiple time zones, but there are limitations due to staffing.

Do I have to make an appointment for drop-in tutoring?

No, you don’t need to make an appointment for drop-in tutoring. You can click on the link to view the drop-in tutoring schedule, and go to a scheduled tutoring session. Our tutors will be there to help you.

How can I make an appointment for 1-on-1 tutoring?

To make an appointment for 1-on-1 tutoring, please click on this link and submit the request form at least 2 days in advance, because we need time to match you with our tutor who is available during the time you would like to meet.

What courses does the ARC offer study groups for? Does my course have a study group?

The ARC supports several entry-level courses in the study group format. For a complete list of the courses we offer study groups for in the current semester, please check our Study Group page.

Can I obtain tutoring support for courses I am taking at Duke?

Students should seek tutoring and learning support at the institution they are taking the course.  For courses at Duke, please visit Duke ARC.

Peer Tutor Program

How often do you hire Peer Tutors?

We have annual recruitment for Peer Tutors in the Spring semester. In certain cases, we may hire a limited number of Peer Tutors during the year based on demand.

How can I apply for the Peer Tutor job position?

Look out for the announcement that the ARC sends out every March and attend the info session. Detailed information about how and when to apply will be shared then.

Events & Workshops

How can I find the event/workshop schedule?

Typically, we don’t have a fixed schedule for each workshop. The information of each workshop is usually released two weeks beforehand via WeChat, DKU Engage, or email. You can follow our WeChat official account to receive the up-to-date workshop information.

However, for some events like the Academic Success Program and First Friday, we have a schedule of the whole series. To know more about them, please check our Signature Events page.

Do I need to RSVP to the workshop?

For most of the workshops, you don’t need to RSVP. For some workshops for which materials need to be prepared according to participant numbers, we may request you to RSVP before the workshop.

Academic Success Coaching

What is Academic Success Coaching?

Academic Success Coaching at DKU intends to help students identify his or her academic strengths and needs. Then, one or more meetings are provided to assist students with learning strategies and general skills.

How can I make an appointment for Academic Success Coaching?

Please check this link to schedule the coaching appointment at least 2 days in advance.

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