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Academic Success Coaching


Academic Success Coaching at DKU intends to help students identify his or her academic strengths and needs. One or series meetings are provided to assist students with learning strategies and general skills.

Through direct coaching, students develop academic skills and strategies necessary to have an independent, productive and creative college life.  Academic Success Coaching reinforces a research-oriented, liberal arts education inclusive of how students learn in pursuit of their academic and career endeavors.

Coaches & Topics

Academic Success Coaches are professional staff members from the Office of Undergraduate Advising holding at least a graduate degree. Coaches have backgrounds in Natural & Applied Sciences, Social Science, and/or Arts & Humanities with experience working with different types of college students.

All Academic Success Coaches provide students with academic support on following topics.

  • Academic Stress Management
  • Motivation & Goal Setting
  • Study Skill / Learning Preference / Note Taking
  • Time Management

In addition, some coaches have their specialized coaching topics listed below.

  • Bochuan Xie, Coordinator for Academic Success - Motivation & Goal Setting
  • Danyue (Dorothy) Su, Academic Success Tutor (Chemistry) - Study Skill / Learning Preference / Note Taking
  • Jingting (Hannah) Han, Academic Success Tutor (Biology) - Powerful Mindset
  • Yuanyuan (Freya) Feng, Academic Success Tutor (Physics) - Online Learning
  • Yunqi Zhu, Academic Success Tutor (Mathematics) - Time Management
  • Yunqiu (Maisie) Zhang, Academic Success Tutor (Social Sciences) - Academic Stress Management
  • Jennifer Kuang, Senior Coordinator for Academic Advising - Academic Success, General Advising and Academic Planning
  • Shuyu Guan, Academic Advisor - Academic Success, Natural & Applied Sciences
  • Terry Yang, Academic Advisor - Academic Success, Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences

Make an Appointment

Please login to your Career-Advising Hub account and schedule an appointment following the instruction below at least 2 days in advance.

If you need to cancel an appointment, you should contact your Academic Success Coach or the Academic Resource Center at least 24 hours in advance.