Cao Xuenan, M.Phil. | Duke Kunshan University

Cao Xuenan, M.Phil.

Visiting Lecturer

Office: CC1068

Xuenan Cao is a visiting lecturer at Duke Kunshan University. She holds an M.Phil. in Humanities from Hong Kong Baptist University and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Duke University in Literature. Her research highlights the importance of aesthetic forms rendered illegible by dominant positivism in knowledge production. At Duke she has designed and taught courses on media theories, popular culture in China, art and literature, and English academic writing.

Academic Publications:

  • Cao, Xuenan. “The Multibodies of The Three Body Problem: Translation, Pragmatic Orientalism, and Encyclopedism.” Revise and Resubmit to Extrapolation: A Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy. 
  • Cao, Xuenan. “Village Worlds: Yan Lianke’s Villages and Matters of Life.” Journal of Language, Literature and Culture. 63.2-3 (2016): 179-190.
  • Cao, Xuenan. “Mythorealism and Enchanted Time: Yan Lianke’s Explosion Chronicles.” Frontiers of Literary Studies in China. 10.1 (2016): 103-112.
  • Cao, Xuenan. “Book Review: Verses Going Viral by Heather Inwood.” Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, and Reviews. 37 (2015).

Academic Presentations:

  • Thinking-Otherwise: A Conceptual Paper on Mediality and Mixed-Semiotics. (2017) The Association of Chinese and Comparative Literature Conference 2017, Hong Kong.
  • Thinking-Otherwise. (2017) Chinese Digital Media Workshop, Kunshan, China.
  • Bullet-Curtained Cinema. (2017) Society of Cinema and Media Studies 2017 Chicago Conference, U.S..
  • Lu Xun and Jorge Luis Borges: A Hypothesis. (2016) University of Bologna Summer Program, Italy.
  • Temporality and Mythorealism. (2015) Yan Lianke Symposium, Duke University, U.S..
  • Toward a Homogeneous Urban Dream? The Political Discourses in Chinese Reality Television. (2013) The European Conference on Arts & Humanities, the International Academic Forum, U.K.
  • Television as Dispositif: Contemporary Chinese Entertainment Television. (2013) Shifting Perspectives in Asia Conference, National University of Singapore, Singapore.