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The Writing and Language Studio hosts events and collaborates on events with other members of the Duke Kunshan Community. An up-to-date list of events can be found on Duke Kunshan Engage.

Culture Corner

The Writing and Language Studio hosts the weekly Culture Corner as a way of celebrating the cultural diversity at Duke Kunshan University. The Culture Corner is an informal space where all Duke Kunshan students, staff, and faculty are invited to mindfully discuss personal and/or cultural views on selected topics every week. With these conversations, we aim to facilitate communication and promote mutual understanding among people from different cultural backgrounds at Duke Kunshan.

Past topics:

November 8, 2018: Proxemics (personal space, physical contact, etc.)

Upcoming topics can be found on Duke Kunshan Engage.

Time: Every Thursdays, 18:15–19:15

Location: Academic Building Cafeteria


“Let’s Talk Math: How to ‘Speak’ Math in English”

Delivered jointly by the Writing and Language Studio and the Academic Resource Center, this workshop will focus on helping students communicate about math in English—in other words, how to “speak” and understand “spoken” math in English.

Time: Friday, November 9, 14:30–16:00
Location: Conference Center 1095

Practical English and Etiquette for the Classroom
Time: Friday, November 23, 13:30–15:00
Location: AB 3101

Creative Writing Workshop
Time: Friday, February 15, 13:30–15:00
Location: AB 3101

Chinese Character Workshop
Time: Thursday, March 14, 18:00—19:00
Location: AB 3101

Email Writing Workshop
Time: Friday, March 22
Location: TBD

Presentation Skills Workshop
Time: Friday, April 12
Location: TBD