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Meet Our Team

Xuenan Cao

Writing Coach, English/Mandarin Chinese Language Coach

Xuenan is here to make you a better writer. She has taught English writing and composition classes at Duke in North Carolina and will help you form habits that a good writer has. She is also a Chinese coach.

Tyler Carter

Writing Coach, English Language Coach

Hello! My name is Tyler Carter and I am a coach at the WLS. I also teach Academic Writing and Communication Skills for the graduate programs at Duke Kunshan. My first language is English (of the American variety), I speak a little Japanese, and I am a beginning Chinese learner. I'd be happy to work on any kind of writing project, from academic to creative writing.

Li Ting Chan

Writing Coach

Hello! My name is Li Ting, and I am a graduate student writing coach. I hail from sunny Singapore, where I grew up speaking English, Mandarin, Japanese, and a smattering of other dialects and regional languages. I am interested in the ways language is transformed when it interacts with different cultures, especially since I grew up with Singlish (google it!). I am currently in the medical physics program and can offer help with scientific writing, but had minored in history as an undergraduate and will be more than happy to work with those writing papers in the humanities.

Emma Chiocca

Writing Coach, English/French/Spanish/Other Language Coach

Hello! Bonjour!¡Hola! 你好 שלום ! My name is Emma Chiocca and I am a language learning coach. I am here to help you with any area of English. I am originally from Southwest France, but spent over 6 years in the US and studied abroad in both China and Israel. I love learning languages in order to connect with people from other cultures. I studied Latin, Greek, Spanish, Hungarian, Hebrew and Cherokee, and have played with many more languages just for fun, but I am currently learning Mandarin. Although I am available for English, I am also happy to help with other languages. I can help you with developing your intercultural communication skills in French at all levels, and in Spanish at the beginning and intermediate levels!

Kris Hiller

English/Russian/Other Language Coach
Associate Director for the Writing and Language Studio

Hi! Привет! 你好! My name is Kris Hiller, and I’m a language learning coach. I can help you with any area of English learning, though I’m particularly interested in vocabulary development, reading, and pronunciation. I can also help with beginning and intermediate Russian. I’m from the USA, but I’ve also lived in Russia, Korea, and China. I speak English, Russian, and a little Mandarin, which I’m trying to work on. I love learning about and helping others learn about and develop skills in languages and intercultural communication. Come talk to me about your language learning!

Alison Klein

Writing Coach

Hello! My name is Alison, and I am a language learning coach. I’m happy to help you with any aspect of your writing, but I am especially interested in structure, organization, and making strong arguments. I’m from the USA, and every year I teach at DKU for one session, and at Duke for one semester. I’ve also lived in France and Hong Kong, and I speak English and French, and a little Spanish. I just started studying Mandarin and I’m looking forward to improving my skills!

Feiyang Liu

Mandarin Chinese Language Coach

Hello. This is Feiyang. I am here to help you with any area of Chinese. I am from China and my first language is Mandarin. I can also speak English and a little little Japanese. I like communicating with others and learning about different cultures. Please feel free to come and talk with me!

Lu Liu

Mandarin Chinese Language Coach

你好!Hi! My name is Lu Liu, and I’m a language learning coach. I can help you with your Chinese learning! My major is Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, and my research focuses on Bilingual Chinese Culture Communication. I used to be a Chinese teacher at Chinese Conversation Club at Duke University, and a 1-to-1 Chinese teacher in a Chinese school in the U.S. . If you are interested in Chinese culture, such as Chinese cuisine, Chinese tea culture, traveling in China……come and talk with me!

Shuhan Li

Chinese Language Coach
Writing Coach, Mandarin Chinese/Cantonese Language Coach

Hello! My name is Shuhan, and I am a language learning coach. I can help you with any area of Chinese learning. I am from Nanjing, China. I have studied and lived in the United States for four years, and I speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and a little bit of Korean. I love learning about other people's culture as well as helping others develop skills and knowledge in intercultural communication.

Annie Seaman

Writing Coach

Hi! My name is Annie Seaman and I am a first-year Global Health graduate student at DKU. I am originally from the U.S. but I have been living in China for the last four years. I can help you with any area of English learning, though I have expertise in academic composition and public speaking. I can also help with writing resumes and cover letters. I hope to see you in the Writing and Language Studio soon!

Mark Scholl

Writing Coach, English/German/Spanish/Thai/Other Language Coach

Hello! My name is Mark Scholl, and I’m one of the coaches in the Writing and Language Studio. I'd be happy to assist you with any aspect of English language learning. I also can offer advice on learning other languages, such as German and Spanish. I'm originally from California but have lived in several different countries over the last decade and really enjoy learning about other languages and cultures. I speak English, Mandarin, German, and some Spanish. Please don't feel shy to ask me any questions. I look forward to working with you and learning together!

Olivia (Yiqun) Sun

Mandarin Chinese Language Coach

Hi! My name is Olivia, and I am here to help you with Chinese learning and also educational technology related issues (e.g. making a good-looking PPT, using Sakai effectively, and taking advantage of the Massive Open Online Courses). I am from Kunshan and I speak Chinese, English, and Kunshan Hua. I studied and worked in the UK for 3 years. If you have questions about applying for a degree program there or taking the IELTS, I'm also happy to chat with you about that.