About the library

Mission Statement

The Library supports the Duke Kunshan University's mission to become a world class liberal arts and research university that addresses the changing needs of global higher education and global challenges. As a collaborative partner in every aspect of the university's academic endeavors, the Library is an interactive and innovative teaching and learning hub and a scholarly gateway to enhance intellectual discovery, cultivate creativity, and promote scholarship and exchange of knowledge. With its highly qualified staff, the Library

  • acquires, organizes, preserves, and delivers diverse teaching and research resources in any formats to university users to timely and seamless access at the place and point of need,
  • provides its users effective and cutting-edge tools to discover, use, and create learning, teaching, and research resources, and
  • develops the information literacy program to help prepare students to achieve academic excellence and master life-long learning skills in global environment.


Academic Building 1st Floor: 1075
Academic Building 2nd Floor: 2101

Open Hours

7am-11pm Monday – Sunday

Closed on public holidays

Staff Directory

Hong (Helen) Xu, Ph.D. (helen.hongxu@dukekunshan.edu.cn )
University Librarian, Duke Kunshan University
Associate University Librarian for DKU Library Services, Duke Unviersity

Joanna Hare (joanna.hare@dukekunshan.edu.cn)
Research and Instruction Librarian, Duke Kunshan University

Zhejun (June) Ma (zhejun.ma@dukekunshan.edu.cn)
Acquisition and Metadata Librarian, Duke Kunshan University

Mengjie Zou, MLIS (mengjie.zou@dukekunshan.edu.cn
Instruction/Research Librarian, Duke Kunshan University

Xinyu, Cao (xinyu.cao1@dukekunshan.edu.cn
Library Assistant (for Technical Services), Duke Kunshan University

Xiaosen, Liu (xiaosen.liu@dukekunshan.edu.cn
Adminstrative Assistant, Duke Kunshan University

Ying Zhu (ying.zhu814@dukekunshan.edu.cn
Library Assistant for Research/Instruction Support and Access Services, Duke Kunshan University


Office Phone: (+86) 0512-36657289 (Weekday 9am-5pm)
Email: DKU Library (dkulibrary@dukekunshan.edu.cn