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My Entrepreneurial Journey

About the Speaker

JianchengZhangis the Chairman of IKD Co., Ltd. Being both pragmatic and visionary,Zhanghas been leading the enterprise and employees at the forefront of the industry for more than 20 years and he is also a star entrepreneur in Ningbo.Zhanghas advanced management ideas to build a shareholders’ platform for staff and share the fruit of development with his core employees. In recent years,Zhanghas been committed to the construction of information-based intelligent factories, education for employees, and business platform building for the younger generation who are interested in starting their own businesses. At the same time,Zhangalso invested heavily in environmental protection and safety education.JianchengZhangis a philanthropic entrepreneur with a strong sense of social responsibility. IKD was founded sixteen years ago in Ningbo and went public in 2017. It is a provider of mostly automobile casting for top auto parts manufacture companies like Bosch.