DKU Library Workshops Series 1: Organizing Information | Duke Kunshan University

DKU Library Workshops Series 1: Organizing Information

We are living in a digital age full of data and information. What is data? What is information? How are they organized in virtual and physical world? What are classification and indexing systems? Follow our University Librarian, Dr. Xu, to explore the secrets of Information organization.
Time: 8/30/2017 4pm-5pm; Venue: AB 1087; Instructor: Dr. Helen Xu, University Librarian
In the first 7 weeks from 8/30/2017, the Library will deliver a series of workshops on every Wednesday afternoon 4pm-5pm. In these workshops, you will gain necessary skills and knowledge in organizing, searching, using, sharing and evaluating information for your course and research work. If you cannot come to any of the workshops, please email us at, we’ll be happy to work with you individually.

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