DKU Library Disinfection Measures and Prevention Guidelines | Duke Kunshan University

DKU Library Disinfection Measures and Prevention Guidelines

With the improvement of the epidemic situation in China, some members of the Duke Kunshan Community will be returning to the campus. Here are some measures and guidelines DKU Library staff are implementing to ensure the safety of all library users:

  1. Please wear a mask in the library.
  2. Hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes are available in the 1st and 2nd floor of the Library:
    • Please use hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands before touching books, journals or any other facilities, etc.
    • It is recommended to use alcohol wipes to disinfect the public desktops, self-check machine or tables, etc. before you use it.
  3. Use the self-check machine to borrow and return library books. All items returned to the library will be disinfected using an industrial-grade disinfection device before re-shelving.
  4. When browsing materials in the library do not reshelf any items you have touched. Simply place the items in the book cart beside the self-check machine and we will disinfect them before returning them to the shelves.
  5. Do not use any alcohol products or other disinfectants to disinfect library items yourself as it can damage the items. We have industry-grade sanitization materials that we will use for this purpose.
  6. Leaving personal belongings unattended will be strictly prohibited as it poses an infection risk. Items left unattended in the library for more than 30 minutes will be collected and stored in the Library 2nd floor offices, and sent to Lost and Found if not claimed by 5pm that day.
  7. Studying in the library is not recommended as it is a small, enclosed space. Please pay attention to social distancing.
  8. Library staff will be available on campus on Monday - Friday. You will find us on the 1st floor of the library or in the second-floor library offices.
  9. If you are feeling unwell please do not enter the library.

These procedures may change to adapt to the changing situation. Updates will be posted to WeChat and the Library website as needed. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us: