Event Report: Reading the World – Guangdong with Haitong Lin | Duke Kunshan University

Event Report: Reading the World – Guangdong with Haitong Lin

We were happy to invite Haitong Lin, the student of Class of 2022 from Guangdong Province to be our guest speaker of Reading the World on the 4th of December.

In this session, Haitong firstly introduced the general information of Guangdong Province, such as its location, major cities, population and the GDP. She shared people’ stereotypes regarding Guangdong, like “the Cantonese people eat everything” and “the weather in Guangdong is always warm” and clarified to the audiences.

The culture in Guangdong has regional characters, in this session, Haitong mainly focused on introducing three kinds of regional culture: Cantonese, Hakka and Chaoshan. Cantonese culture is mainly concentrated in Pearl River Delta and western Guangdong, Hakka is concentrated in Meizhou Area and Chaoshan in Chaozhou, Shantou and Jieyang. The food culture in these areas is different as well. However, people from all these areas care about the original taste of food. And right, Cantonese people do eat almost everything. 

When people talk about Guangdong, food culture must be mentioned. Among all kinds of food, we have to talk about morning tea and dim-sum. Morning tea is not only for breakfast, you can have it  any time. The steamed vermicelli roll (肠粉) is one of the most distinctive one. Haitong also mentioned the food for holidays. Chicken is the most important dish, no matter it is the plain chicken or roasted chicken or chicken in other types.

For snacks and desserts, she emphasized the popularity of the Guangdong Dessert (Tong-Shui, 糖水). If you would like to know more about food culture in Guangdong, Haitong recommends you to watch the documentary “The Bite of Canton (老广的味道)” and read the book “Lingnan Food Culture (岭南饮食文化)”.

We thanks Haitong for sharing her understanding of her hometown, and we are always encouraging you to present your hometown to our cross-cultural community.

What is"Reading the World"?

It is a series event organized by DKU Library and the Academic Resource Center. In this series, members of the DKU community from across the globe will share their favorite books and movies and talk about the intersection of culture, history and artistic expression.

If you are interested to be the host in the future session, welcome to contact: Mengjie Zou (mengjie.zou@dukekunshan.edu.cn) or Dorothy Su (danyue.su@dukekunshan.edu.cn).