New to DKU Library: Disinfection Machine | Duke Kunshan University

New to DKU Library: Disinfection Machine

To ensure the DKU community can use the library safely, DKU Library has recently acquired an easy-to-use, powerful book disinfection machine. The machine can disinfect two books at a time in only 30 seconds.

Using UV light, the machine disinfects both the book cover and the inside pages. You can use this machine for disinfecting books you have borrowed. In particular, we encourage you to use the machine for Course Reserve textbooks due to their high usage.

To use: put the books on the machine’s inner metal hanger and press the power button at the bottom. A fan will blow the pages open while disinfecting with UV light. The sterilizing rate is 99.99%.

PLEASE NOTE: this machine is only for disinfecting items that are currently on the Library shelves. ALL books that are returned to DKU Library go through a separate disinfection process using a larger machine located in the library offices. This is to ensure that any book that may have been off campus is disinfected before being returned to the shelves.

The use of these disinfection machines is one of many measures the Library team is taking to ensure our patrons' safety amid the pandemic, including the provision of hand sanitiser and materials to disinfect shared workspaces.

If you have any questions about the device or our on-campus or online services, please contact us at