Poem Reading | DKU Library Book Fair 2021 | Duke Kunshan University

Poem Reading | DKU Library Book Fair 2021

Event List | Duke Kunshan Library Book Fair 2021


April 12 – 23 (CST) • AB 1087 & Online

Our annual reading competition is back! This year, our theme is “Reading Poems for You/为你读诗.” Participants – and we hope there are LOTS of you – will record readings by using either the Bookan Reading Booth (博看朗读亭) outside AB 1087 or the Bookan mini-program (博看朗读小程序) on WeChat.

We strongly encourage all participants to use the booth for better acoustic effects but understand that not everyone is on campus and may find it easier to use the WeChat mini-program.

The recordings will be collected in and posted on the mini-program, and all members of the DKU community are welcome to vote for the best recordings. We will accept submissions from April 12 to 21, and voting will take place between April 22 and 23.

Join the competition by following these steps:

  1. Follow DKU Library on WeChat (ID: dukekunshan_library).

  2. Select “Reading”, then “My Reading” in the menu bar and choose your preferred method to record. There are two ways:
    • The Bookan reading booth (博看朗读亭), or
    • The Bookan mini-program on WeChat (博看朗读小程序).


  3. If you’d like to use the reading booth, select “朗读亭朗读,” and there’s no further operation on your phone. Simply go to the booth outside AB 1087 and scan the QR code inside to activate it. To record your entry, follow the instructions accordingly.
  4. If you wish to record online, select “手机朗读” on your screen. You will be redirected to the Bookan mini-program, where you can select the “为你读诗” banner on the top of the screen and click “register.”
  5. To record your entry, follow the instructions accordingly. Once you’re done, click “submit.”

Voting Procedures

  • We will accept recordings until 11:59 pm on April 21 (CST). Voting will begin at 12 am on April 22 in the Bookan mini-program. 


  • Based on the votes received, there will be one first prize, two second prizes and three third prizes.
  • In addition, all contestants will receive a participation prize.

Some rules to note…

  • We have a collection of poems installed in the reading booth and the mini-program, but you’re welcome to bring your own excerpts. As long as they are poems, excerpts in all languages and of all themes are eligible.
  • A preferred entry lasts 5 minutes, though we accept all recordings that are between 3-minutes and 10-minutes long.
  • Please use your real name when you register. If you wish to use a nickname, you will need to prove your identity when you collect your prizes. 
  • Each contestant can record multiple entries, but can only submit one for voting.