Reading the World : Guangdong Province, China with Haitong Lin | Duke Kunshan University

Reading the World : Guangdong Province, China with Haitong Lin

We are happy to invite Haitong Lin, the student of Class of 2022 from Guangdong Province to be our guest speaker in the following session of Reading the World. In this session, Haitong will first give an overview of Guangdong such as its location and climate. She will also introduce Cantonese Culture and Lingnan Culture to audiences. When people talk about Guangdong, food culture must be mentioned. It is one of the paradises for foodies. Haitong will present the food culture of Guangdong, and share her own stories with food. In addition, she will introduce the traditional snacks and beverage of Guangdong we have prepared for audiences and recommend several documentaries and books which discuss Cantonese cuisine in the memory of the local Cantonese. Of course, how could we not learn a few Cantonese with her? You are welcome to attend this event and ask questions that interest you about Guangdong Province.

Time: 6:00-7:00 PM, Wednesday, December 4
Location: Innovation Building, 1st floor Rest Area near 1008
Speaker: Haitong Lin

What is "Reading the World"?

It is a series event organized by DKU Library and the Academic Resource Center. In this series, members of the DKU community from across the globe will share their favorite books and movies and talk about the intersection of culture, history and artistic expression.

If you are interested to be the host in the future session, welcome to contact: Mengjie Zou ( or Dorothy Su(