Workshop of Zotero | Duke Kunshan University

Workshop of Zotero

On March 3rd 2016, Duke Kunshan Library offered a lecture on Zotero, an open-source reference management software. This gave great encouragement to students who were buried in large quantity of papers and reading material. Zotero, a research tool that helps users collect and organize sources, can be downloaded as a browser extension and help you export information as formatted citations in Office Word processing programs. Library staff, Mengjie Zou gave her introduction for Zotero to all attendees.

“How did you finish your homework or essays in your home university if there were lots of references to quote?” 27 GLS students in presence gave different answers.” I quoted manually one by one” someone answered. Following a short introduction of Zotero, Mengjie led audience to download this awesome software. “Don’t worry if your computer break down or your software is uninstall by your naughty girlfriend, if you have an account, all your messages would be stored in cloud and recover at any time” Mengjie encouraged audience to register and keep the account in mind.

Everyone got installed already. The workshop came to ‘moment of truth’. Three most important functions of Zotero showed on the screen.

 Mengjie opened Zotero and created a sub-collection for Medical Anthropology. “You can see it’s not difficult.” She looked through Duke Library and Google Scholar for Medical Anthropology. “Any subjects you want then you can click the small icon on the top of the browser.” Different numerous articles were added into Mengjie’s folder.

Following function of management, Mengjie gave a specific example of how to cite reference in the paper and create a bibliography. She covered many details that were worth attention when you make efforts for paper. On the one hand, it’s important to choose right style of citation, on the other hand, quotation should be attached specific page. Finally, Mengjie ended her talk with information that next time our library would continue workshop of Endnote, which is a reference management tool having similarity with Zotero but also difference. So anybody who missed this wonderful and well-prepared workshop can grasp next coming opportunity.