Using the Library

Thousands of printed and multimedia titles at Duke Kunshan University Library are available for DKU users. Millions of Duke University libraries collections are accessible when DKU users with NetIds study on Durham campus.

DKU users have 24/7 access to over 220,000 e-journal titles, over 1000 databases of scholarly materials, and approximately 1.8 million electronic books from Duke University libraries. 


Borrow, Renew, and Recall


Current Duke Kunshan University faculty, staff and students may borrow materials.

Borrowing Policies

AffiliationChinese Books: Loan PeriodForeign Books: Loan PeriodBooks: Number of RenewalsBooks: Number of checkoutsReserves: Loan PeriodDVDs: Loan Period (with 1 renewal)Kindles: Loan Period (with 1 renewal)Headphones: Loan Period(with 1   renewal)USB Disc Drives: Loan Period(with 1   renewal)Removable hard disks: Loan PeriodDVD players: Loan Period(with 1 renewal)Calculators: Loan Period
Undergraduate Students1 semester1 semesterUnlimitedUnlimited3 hrs.3 days3 days3 hrs.3 daysNone3 days3 hrs.
Graduate Students1 semester1 semesterUnlimitedUnlimited3 hrs.3 days3 days3 hrs.3 daysNone3 days3 hrs.
Faculty1 semester1 semesterUnlimitedUnlimited3 hrs.3 days3 days3 hrs.3 daysNone3 days3 hrs.
Staff1 semester1 semesterUnlimitedUnlimited3 hrs.3 days3 days3 hrs.3 daysNone3 days3 hrs.
Visiting Scholars/Faculty7 weeks7 weeksUnlimitedUnlimited3 hrs.3 days3 days3 hrs.3 daysNone3 days3 hrs.
Spouse or Domestic Partners or   Children over 12 years old7 weeks7 weeks33NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Volunteer7 weeks7 weeks33NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Duke & DKU Alumni7 weeks7 weeks33NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone

Fine Policy

Fine TypeDaily/Hourly Late Return Fine (RMB)Replacement (RMB)Processing Fee (RMB)
Standard BookNone45075
Chinese Standard BookNone15075
DVD player5/day80075
USB Disc Drive5/day25075
Removable hard disk1/hour100075
Recalled Item3/dayNN
3-hour reserve1/hour45075
  • Undergraduate and graduate students must return all DKU Library materials before graduation
  • *Faculty must return all DKU Library materials before the end of their term at DKU


  • Renew your Duke Kunshan Library books and DVDs online, by phone during office hours, or in person
    • Click My Accounts
    • Enter your NetID and password. If you do not have a NetID, enter your library card number in both fields
    • Select "Loans" and check the box next to each item you wish to renew
    • Click "Renew all selected titles
  • You cannot renew items that are overdue, lost or recalled. Look at the top of the screen to read the status of your renewal requests


  • To recall a book checked out by another patron, follow these steps to obtain the book:
    • Click the "Get this title" icon to the right of the title that is checked out
      • Enter your NetID and password
      • Click the "Request" link to the right of the title
      • Click the "Place Hold/Recall Request" button
    • The borrower has seven days to return the item. We will email you when your item is ready for pickup

Reserving Course Materials

  • Materials placed on reserve for courses are available at the Service Desk and may be checked out for 3 hours
  • Faculty may place items on reserve by coming to the service desk or by emailing library staff

Getting Materials from Other Libraries

There are two ways to request scanned copies of journal articles or book chapters not available at DKU or Duke Libraries:

  • Using Duke Libraries Document Delivery Services for English journal articles or book chapters:
    • Click Here to log in with your NetID to enter the document delivery service.
    • For users new to the service,  follow instruction to create an account,  fill out all required information, and be sure to select any one of the listed libraries from the  Delivery Location Box.
    • Select Article or Chapter from the side bar, fill out required information, and submit.
    • Wait for 2-3 days to access your account to check the status of your request. 
  • Sending your request to for Chinese journal articles, books, or book chapters.

Recommending Titles to the Library

Welcome to recommend course or research related titles to the Library:


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