Master of Environmental Policy

World-Class Faculty and Research

The iMEP faculty is internationally recognized for rigorous research and active engagement in current environmental policy debates, with expertise ranging from air and water pollution, energy, climate change, food, ecology and conservation. In addition to the core faculty, a rotating roster of preeminent professors from Duke University will come to Duke Kunshan each semester to teach, conduct research and advise students.

Building on Duke’s environmental reputation, an independent environmental research center at Duke Kunshan supports natural and social sciences research of the highest caliber. The center provides a hub for faculty and students to engage in state-of-the-art interdisciplinary research that seeks to provide solutions to environmental challenges in China and beyond. It also facilitates collaborations with faculty and researchers at Chinese universities and institutes, businesses operating in China and the Pacific region, government officials, consulting firms and NGOs.


Junjie Zhang, Ph.D.

Director, iMEP Program and Environmental Research Center, Duke Kunshan University; Associate Professor, Duke Kunshan University and Duke University

Environmental economist with expertise in the design of policies on air pollution, climate change, and natural resources


John S. Ji, Sc.D.

Associate Director, iMEP Program
Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Science, Duke Kunshan University

Environmental health researcher with interests in population health sciences, epidemiology, occupational health, and energy and the environment. 

Binbin Li, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy, Duke Kunshan University

Conservation biologist with expertise in large-scale priority setting, wildlife conservation and protected area management.

Affiliated Faculty

Erika Weinthal, Ph.D.

Lee Hill Snowdon Professor of Environmental Policy, Duke University
Professor of Environmental Policy, Duke Kunshan University

Political scientist with expertise in global environmental politics and natural resource policies, with a particular emphasis on water and energy

Billy Pizer, Ph.D.

Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, Duke University and Duke Kunshan University

Environmental economist specializing in the design of market-based climate policies; former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment and Energy, US Department of Treasury

Jim Zhang, Ph.D.

Professor of Global and Environmental Health, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University and Duke Kunshan University

Environmental chemist, toxicologist and epidemiologist by disciplinary background working in the field of exposure science

Avner Vengosh, Ph.D.

Professor of Geochemistry and Water Quality, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University


Marc Deshusses, Ph.D.

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Research Professor in Global Health, Duke University and Duke Kunshan University

Chemical engineer focusing on the development, analysis and application of novel processes for waste treatment and waste to energy.

Mike Bergin, Ph.D.

Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Duke University

His general research focus is on the influence of air pollution on both climate and human health. His specific interest is particulate matter (PM), and he has done a wide range of studies on the emission, formation, deposition and impacts of PM.

John Vandenberg, Ph.D.

Director, Research Triangle Park Division, National Center for Environmental Assessment, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Adjunct Professor in the Division of Environmental Sciences and Policy, Duke University
Adjunct Professor in the Environmental Program, Duke Kunshan University


Ziwei Liu

Program Coordinator, Environmental Research Center and Master of Environmental Policy Program

Wanyong Ge

Recruitment and Admissions for Master of Environmental Policy

Guozhen Shen

 Administrative Assistant, Environmental Research Center and Master of Environmental Policy Program