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Experts recognize that there is a severe shortage of medical physicists in China and Asia and in many countries worldwide. Our Medical Physics graduates can choose from a wide range of career options, such as

  • Hospital clinics, particularly in radiation oncology
  • High technology medical companies
  • Government facilities and agencies
  • Academia
  • Versatility - careers that blend these different types of work

Listen to Medical Physics Alumni

Learn about their experience here and their career placement after graduation.

Tian Li  
Medical Physicist at Peking University Cancer Hospital
Class of 2016, MSc in Medical Physics program at Duke Kunshan University
Class of 2014, BS Chemical Biology at Peking University

I had never thought of being a medical physicist until being admitted into Duke Kunshan University. Here, we are given an opportunity to build a rapport with professors and coordinators through the form of teaching in small classes. It is really a great opportunity to be able to communicate with the chief physicists and physicians from China and abroad.

Edcer Jerecho Dela Cruz Laguda 
Proton Therapy Sales Executive, IBA, Singapore
Class of 2016, MSc in Medical Physics program at Duke Kunshan University
Class of 2011, BS Applied Physics, University of STO. Tomas, the Philippines

I think Duke Kunshan University is the best Medical Physics program in the East generating world class education with western and eastern style of educational training. I have met countless great teachers in both Duke Kunshan and Duke, I can never forget my advisor’s words: “Fail and Learn”. In Durham, Dr. Yin gave me the confidence I was once unsure if I have. He makes me do everything first on my own. After doing a lot of thumbs up and thumbs down, he will then start telling me what went wrong. That is the time I realize: I will always remember things I did wrong. This helps me improve as a researcher and as a person. I shouldn’t rely too much on others and first try having confidence on myself.

Wei Zhu  
PhD candidate, Medical Physics Program, University of Minnesota, United States
Class of 2016, MSc in Medical Physics program at Duke Kunshan University
Class of 2014, MS in Particle Physics, Shandong University

Dr. James Bowsher is not only a knowledgeable teacher but also a respectable opponent in basketball challenge. I can never forget the good time we spent together on the campus court. Duke Kunshan MP is a young, fast-growing and promising place that attracts ambitious people and the study experience in this place has become one of my most memorable periods in my life.