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Medical Physics - News & Updates


From Kunshan to Durham, from Yesterday to Tomorrow

THEY are BACK, fresh from Durham, North Carolina, USA, with seven months’ worth of stories and heightened expectations for the future. These intrepid travelers are our year two students from Duke Kunshan University’s Medical Physics Graduate Program.

From June 2015, the students had classes alongside Duke Medical Physics students, did research in the same labs, stayed up late in the same libraries and even played basketball on the same courts. In a sense they became real Duke guys and immersed themselves in a true American experience.

Our Philippine student Edcer recalled, “My advisor told me he was not going to teach me anything. He just wanted me to make mistakes and then learn from them. Actually I benefited a lot.”

A busy but fulfilling life in Durham unlocked not only the access to the latest laboratory equipment and technology, but also gave these lucky few a chance to think about the future and themselves. “The most impressive thing I heard in Durham was, each science study is supposed to help society. Medical Physics is a subject that helps cure cancer patients. I started to figure out the real reason of my studying Medical Physics. Maybe it was for money, for myself, for my family at the very beginning, but now I want to do something to contribute to society. ”, Li Tian said, who studied at Peking University previously.

These are exciting times for the group, with still more to learn and experience. Busy classes; exams and research; rebuilding social networks; learning about another culture; embedding themselves in brand-new surroundings; experiencing all the emotions in the past seven months, will all undoubtedly have a big impact on them going forward . As their class monitor Zhu Wei said, “This is the so called Growth.”