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Medical Physics Student Stories


The Way I Would Like to Go at Duke Kunshan

Xinchen Deng

Duke Kunshan University MSc Medical Physics Program, Class of 2017
Studied at Beloit College, United States

My student experience is quite different from others. Most Chinese students spend their Bachelor’s time at domestic universities and then go abroad to pursue further study, while I took the opposite track by doing my undergraduate work at Beloit College in the US. When it comes to the reason I returned to China, I always jokingly say, “I am so tired of American fast food. It’s time to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine!”  All joking aside, the real truth is that Duke Kunshan University attracted me as soon as I discovered it when browsing Duke University’s website. Duke Kunshan became my first choice after taking everything into account, including the tuition, specialization, region, family issues as well as a degree from Duke University.

You can hardly tell the difference between study in America and at Duke Kunshan. In the first place, courses are conducted in English as our professors are all native English speakers, even Prof. David Huang from Taiwan and Doctor Zheng from Shanghai Huadong Hospital. Secondly, we have small-size classes, which gives us the chance to express ourselves as clearly as possible and communicate with professors one-on-one after class. Thirdly, we interact with people from all over the world in a variety of programs because Duke Kunshan is an international school. I’m happy to say the social experience is almost the same as I used to have in America. It’s an opportunity to meet people from different countries and regions with varied cultural backgrounds, and to understand the way they live and think. Admittedly, I am still looking forward to a trip to Durham, North Carolina this May, seeing my friends there and doing research in the Duke labs.

I had questions about my decision to study physics when at Beloit College but now I have to say, I am so engaged in scientific research that I know it was the right choice. I enjoy studying Medical Physics here, finding my talent in fusing physics and medicine. If you peek into our classrooms, you will see students from all around the world, surrounding the professor, drawing diagrams, listing formulas, doing calculations on the white board. Although some questions are very difficult to answer, I consider them a challenge. In the past year, I have fallen in love with Medical Physics, and I no longer think of myself as naïve young girl. I have found the way I would like to go at Duke Kunshan University


Duke Kunshan Is My Little Luck

Yixiao Du

Duke Kunshan University MSc Medical Physics Program, Class of 2017
Studied at Jilin University

The first time I heard about Duke Kunshan University was on a rainy afternoon in 2014. My friend and I were sitting in a cafe, preparing for the national entrance examination for postgraduate studies. In the midst of procrastinating by playing online games, I received a message from my mom that just said: “Search Duke Kunshan University.” I thought, what a strange school name that is, but I didn't think twice before taking action. My mom always stays informed about affairs of state and that’s why she discovered Duke Kunshan University much earlier than I. My parents gave me a lot of support on my application way.

Almost immediately after I completed the online application, an invitation letter arrived in my mailbox for the 2014 Open House for the Duke Kunshan Medical Physics Graduate Program. I realized it would be a good chance to explore this school, especially at just the cost of a weekend trip. I accepted the invitation, and my weekend at Duke Kunshan left a deeply positive impression. The accommodations were great and I loved the mattress so much that I really enjoyed spending my weekend morning in bed!

Apart from Duke Kunshan University, I received an admission letter from the University of Edinburgh, Courses in Communication Engineering for software design. However, I had studied Applied Physics when pursuing my Bachelor’s degree, and my dream career path has always been the hardware track. Medical Physics is the interdisciplinary field of applied physics in medicine, which is gaining much attention from the public with the increasing demand for advanced professional medical care. The ending of this story is that I chose Duke Kunshan’s lovely bed, and so much more, without hesitation.

My friends invariably ask, “Why do you always go the unexpected way that others do not go?” Actually, I have been asking myself that question as well. I studied pure physics but ended up focusing on medical physics, I prepared for the national entrance examination for postgraduate work but ended up interested in foreign schools, and I applied to many foreign schools but wound up staying in China, earning an advanced degree awarded by Duke University. Fortunately, my accidental path has been smoother than I might have expected, and it’s a kind of little luck that brought me to study at Duke Kunshan University.