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Advising and Career Preparation

Advising and Mentoring

Advising and Mentoring is an essential part of the student experience at Duke Kunshan University.  Upon matriculation students will be assigned a primary faculty advisor based on surveys of interests.  The advisor/mentor will discuss a student’s interests, goals and purposes, advise on navigating academic and social life, and aid in the selection of courses, majors, signature pathways and experiential activities. The primary advisor will be with the students normally for the entire 4 years.  A second advisor will be assigned to the student when a student selects an interdisciplinary area of study or a disciplinary area of study. The responsibilities of the second advisor will focus on the student’s areas of study, and the student’s career path.

Job Preparation and Career Success

The DKU curriculum provides intellectually rigorous exposure to an array of disciplinary knowledge and interdisciplinary studies designed to provide academic breadth and depth and to prepare DKU graduates to be thought and practice leaders in their chosen careers. To equip them to be practice leaders, the formal curriculum is augmented with several experiential expectations that are articulated throughout the curricular design. In addition, various practica opportunities include site visits to nearby and otherwise accessible businesses, governmental agencies, service industries and other agencies spanning fields as diverse as media, arts, social services, real estate and health care. Each DKU student will be exposed to the variety of employment options that may be associated with their particular area of study. In addition, the DKU experience provides three summers during which students can further enhance their education with more immersive internship opportunities. The DKU Career Services Office offers internships with corporate, educational, social sector and other employers. During the academic year, discussion groups organized by DKU staff foster dialogue among students contemplating various career paths and facilitate guest speakers and local site visits to further contribute to students’ preparation for life after DKU in jobs and careers where our students will thrive as outstanding practitioners and, eventually, as the next generation of leaders.