Signature Work and Experiential Education

Signature Work and Experiential Education (8 credits and one not for credit experience): DKU graduates will have experience addressing complex problems outside the classroom as well as within, developing these skills through what the American Association of Colleges and Universities terms “Signature Work”. Signature Work encourages students to seek creative alignments between curricular pathways, centers of research excellence and engaged, experiential learning that lead to the creation of new knowledge and new products for scholarly, private sector and public audiences. During the sophomore year students work with their advisors and faculty mentors to begin identifying the major questions, problems, or issues on which they would like to work, and to develop a Signature Pathway that includes both coursework and one or more co-curricular experiences. This Signature Pathway will be developed by the end of the sophomore, or beginning of the junior year, at the latest. It will be articulated in writing in the e-portfolio, which will capture both the signature products they have produced and a narrative that explains the larger inquiry informing their pathway. Signature Work will result in at least one required Signature Product, defined as a substantial scholarly or creative product that incorporates a) some form of mentored scholarly research, and b) one or more related co-curricular experiential learning components (e.g. internships, practica, community-based fieldwork or other civic projects). Students will use their e-portfolios to present and explain their projects and related learning outcomes.