Undergraduate Global Learning Semester



Undergraduate students currently enrolled at universities in China and around the world can attend the Duke Kunshan University’s Global Learning Semester during the fall or spring semester. 

Spring 2017 Semester: 14 February – 10 June 2017
Fall 2017 Semester: 21 August – 20 December 2017

Our Global Learning Semester program features courses taught in English by leading faculty from Duke University, Duke Kunshan University and other distinguished institutions. All courses are pre-approved by Duke University and are of the same quality as courses taught on the Duke campus in Durham, North Carolina.

Students benefit from small class sizes of 12-25 students, one-on-one feedback, guest lecturers, live teleconference discussions with international experts, and field trips in the historic Kunshan region.  

Students who successfully complete the program will receive Duke University course credits that may be transferred to other degree-granting institutions. 



The program delivers an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to enhance your major with liberal arts courses.

The Global Learning Semester is divided into two 7-week sessions and students can select four intensive for-credit classes per semester according to their personal interests and course requirements at their home institutions.

Click here for course details including codes, descriptions, faculty videos, and syllabi.


Entry Requirements

Applicants must be currently enrolled in other accredited institutions around the world, generally in their second or third year of undergraduate studies, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or a ranking in the top 25% of their class. 

Applicants from non-English speaking countries must submit evidence of English language proficiency at the time of application. Students may be required to have a personal interview prior to an admission decision.


How to Apply


Fall 2017 Semester Application Deadlines

US Applicants

March 1, 2017

China and International (non-US) applicants

May 1, 2017

  1. Complete the online application form.
  2. Upload your official university transcript from your home institution.
  3. Provide two letters of recommendation from university faculty members (any discipline).
  4. Upload two required essays in English written by the applicant (each 500 words maximum):
    1. Explain why you are interested in the opportunity to participate in the undergraduate Duke Kunshan University Global Learning Semester.
    2. Choose one: 
      1. Tell us about a cross-cultural experience that you have had, either internationally or within your own country or community. What were your greatest challenges? What did you learn from the experience, about yourself and working with others? 
      2. Duke Kunshan University’s Global Learning Semester aims to educate students to be informed global citizens with broad world views and deep China insights.  Discuss how you hope to benefit intellectually from this experience.
  5. Upload an Optional Essay (300 words maximum): Is there anything else you think the Admissions Committee should know about you to evaluate your candidacy?
  6. All US-based students: Please click here to access the Duke GEO “My Global Ed” application system. This application needs to be submitted in addition to the Duke Kunshan University Apply Yourself online application for US-based students only.

When you have the necessary information, click here to start you application to the Duke Kunshan Global Learning Semester.  You will be able to save your application data and make changes prior to final submission.



Fees and Scholarships

  International Students
Domestic Students
Tuition $15,000 ¥24,400
Housing $1,230 ¥8,000
Meals $1,454 ¥9,450
Books $262 ¥1,700
Domestic Travel   ¥1,000
International Travel $2,250  
Miscellaneous/Personal Expenses  $805 ¥5,250
Health Insurance  $615 ¥4,000
Total Cost of Attendance $21,616 ¥53,800

*Note: These are estimates only. Actual expenses may vary depending on individual needs.

All applicants are considered for scholarships based on their applications.


Contacts and Further Information

For questions about the Duke Kunshan Global Learning Semester, please contact an admissions representative at: admissions@dukekunshan.edu.cn

Duke Kunshan University
No.8 Duke Avenue
Kunshan, Jiangsu Province
China 215316


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