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Duke Kunshan GLS Program, Advisor Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all faculty and staff who take on an Advisory role for the Duke Kunshan GLS Program.

  • Advisors are chosen by the GLS Program Manager in consultation with the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  • Usually, Advisors are faculty or staff who are permanently based on the Duke Kunshan campus or here for at least one full semester, so as to ensure continuity for students. 
  • Once an Advisor is chosen, he/she will be given a list of around six students who will be the advisees. 
  • The Advisor should meet with each student individually for at least 1/2 hour during the first week of the program.  In addition, the Advisor should organize a group meeting with advisees, which can be a lunch or dinner meeting, and which can be expensed to the GLS Program.
  • Following the initial meeting, the Advisor can then organize one or more follow-up meetings later in the semester with each student, depending on the student’s needs. 
  • Advisors should try to spend an equal or roughly equal amount of time with each student and not favor any particular student, though some students may have more issues to resolve than others.
  • The following are topics that Advisors are encouraged to discuss with their a