Student Experience: Field Trip Fridays | Duke Kunshan University

Student Experience: Field Trip Fridays

Elizabeth Burnette, Duke University

One of my favorite things about Duke Kunshan is that we have Fridays off to explore or go on class-sponsored field trips.

I recently had the opportunity to go to the Kunshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital with my Medical Anthropology class.

As a foreigner, I don’t have much experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine, but having read about things like cupping (and seeing many Olympic athletes talking about it), I was excited to see things in action.

The hospital actually includes both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, and being able to integrate both of those is a special skill that takes a good deal of patience and negotiation. However, the Kunshan TCM hospital is able to do it.

One student volunteered to get cupping done, so we were fortunate enough to get to watch! This is definitely something I would not get to see at my home university!