Yijia Fan (Vicky) | Duke Kunshan University

Yijia Fan (Vicky)

Nanchang Institute of Technology

Why did you apply to DKU?

When I applied, I was just a freshman. Our teacher told me about DKU. To be honest, I did know of DKU before, but after he told me, I searched it online. When I saw the courses here, and the advanced theory and environment. I said to myself, I must have a try. But I am not a partner school student. So I know it would be so difficult for me to apply. Everyone besides me supported me to go on. As a student in a college of engineering, my curriculum in my home university has a huge difference from the course here. So my object to come here is different from others. Maybe someone else wants to come here in order to make a solid foundation for going abroad. But when I came here, I had two goals. One is to strengthen my English, the other is to know more about the world and broaden my horizon. I think it will help me to make good decisions later. As a sophomore now, I am under great pressure here. But I never be afraid. I think it is a good chance for me to learn from others, and to learn what I cannot learn in my home university.

What has been your most memorable experience so far?

Everything here will be memorable, it is true. I am not an active girl, and shy to make friends with others. So I rarely talk deeply with others. But I am familiar with my adviser, David Huang. I regard him as my kind grandfather. We can adjust our courses at the first week, but I did not know how to choose courses. I did not know which courses will help me a lot. So I asked David for help. He said nothing but he wanted to treat me for dinner. And in that afternoon, we talked a lot.  Not only about my courses, but about me and my family. Last but not the least, guess what. When I attended the interview, the interviewer asked me, ”Do you remember the courses here or professor here?” I said, ”After I saw the advertising video, a professor impressed me a lot. He is professor David Huang. “ Maybe this is fate, when I knew my advisor was him, I did not know how to express my feelings at that time! I must cherish this opportunity.

What extracurricular activities have you gotten involved in at DKU?

Oh, there are so many kinds of activities in DKU. I really cannot remember each activity’s name. For example, in the orientation week, we played a lot of games. Such as passing the balloon with knees, remember others name as quick as possible and so on. I have written them down because I want to share with my friends out of DKU.  The activity impressed me most is the performance in the last day of orientation. My group performed “zombies and plants” It was so funny! There are also some academic lectures in weekday. The life in DKU is so meaningful.

What do you hope to get out of your time at DKU?

Good habits. Besides the courses here, I really want to develop good habits at the same time. We just have two kinds of things in DKU: studying and playing. We can learn a lot in class here. Moreover, a good habit can be with us forever. So I want to adjust my habit from now on.

What advice would you give to people who are considering applying?

I want to say something for those who is not from the partner school. Do not hesitate, do not be afraid. Just go on! Please be confident, because you never know what will happen in the future. If you decide to apply, you will never regret your decision. Here, you can learn many interesting courses, you can meet your bosom friend. This will be your turning point in your life. Everything is going on, but do not give up trying.