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Visit World Renowned Domestic Brand, See Today's “Made in China”

March 19, 2020

Visit World Renowned Domestic Brand, See Today's “Made in China”

——DKU students’ visit to the Goodbaby Group

On the morning of November 19th, students from DKU explore the child safety seat factory, crash test site and product exhibition hall of the Goodbaby Group in Lujia Town, Kunshan, during a career field trip. The factory general manager Cheng Zuqing and director Shen Jianliang introduced the company's history, organizational structure, product features, quality inspection process, and Goodbaby’s manufacturing automation development strategy for the future.

While visiting the crash test site of child safety seats, some of our students raised questions about the safety test standards to Long Haihua, senior manager of Eqo Testing and Certification Co., Ltd. Students were able to gain a deeper understanding of the industry's safety testing standards and implementation methods. These on-site employer visits provide opportunities for close communication between students and industry professionals, allowing students to gain knowledge through face-to-face Q&A.

At Goodbaby’s exhibition hall, Assistant President Fu Yueming showed the various star products of Goodbaby company to our students. The students were amazed by such high-tech and well-designed products. Goodbaby is an excellent example of industrial transformation, where a China OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) successfully transforms into a ODM (Original Design Manufacturer). This huge shift has demonstrated the remarkable achievements made by Chinese manufacturing companies worldwide. This field trip to Goodbaby Group enhanced students understanding of the current status, development and future trends of China's manufacturing industry during the transition period.