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Services and Supports During the Pandemic

Dear DKU Community,

It has been an extremely challenging time during the Coronavirus epidemic. CAPS will provide face-to-face counseling services for students who are back on campus and remote counseling services through Zoom for students studying online.

Individual Counseling Service For DKU Students

Students can reserve our individual counseling service through Point’N’Click or email If students contact us via email, CAPS will try to reply within 1-2 working days.


Online Resources for Virtual Mental Health Support

If you find yourself feeling anxious and overwhelmed, you are not alone. We hope the following online resources will provide you some calm, insight and connection.


Online and Offline Workshop for Students

CAPS provides both online and offline workshops to support our students learning and psychological well-being. You can find more information in the following link, Clinical Services – Groups and Workshops.


Online Support Group for Students

You are invited to join the CAPS Online Confidential Support Group in the next few weeks while you are away from school. The online support group will help you:

  • Receive and provide support to each other
  • Connect with your peer students which helps reduce the sense of isolation
  • Share your personal pain or challenges during the Coronavirus situation

The online group will meet weekly on Zoom. A CAPS clinician will facilitate the online support group. Please email if you are interested in our online group.


Free Counseling Hotline for Students of Universities in Jiangsu Province (in Chinese)

Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education (JED) has authorized the Research Center of Crisis Prevention and Intervention for Jiangsu Province University Students to develop and operate a free counseling hotline for all the students enrolled in the universities in Jiangsu Province.

Hotline: 025-5825-5200

Language: Chinese

Open hours: 24-hour counseling services during the academic year


CAPS during the pandemic

Join CAPS senior clinical counselor Fan Yang in the first episode of MediHealth Podcast’s COVID-19 mental health series, a podcast channel led by DKU students. In this episode (32 min), Fan talks about raising awareness of mental health in a post COVID-19 world, and shares her experiences as a counselor supporting DKU students throughout this challenging time.

MediHealth Podcast Website link:

For Chinese platform Xinalaya:


Free Local Mental Health Hotlines

The Phosphorus List contains 19 recommended hotlines from various regions in China, all free of charge. You can learn more about how these hotlines were evaluated and selected as part of an authorized research project in this article.