Chancellors welcome staff back to campus | Duke Kunshan University

Chancellors welcome staff back to campus

Faculty and staff at Duke Kunshan received the following information on email from Chancellor Youmei Feng and Executive Vice Chancellor Denis Simon on May 11.

Dear colleagues,

Over 100 long days have passed since the DKU community was here together on campus. As you will know, many faculty, several staff and our international students remain overseas and are unable to return to China at this time. We hope to have them back with us as soon as possible.

Today, however, we celebrate the full reopening of our campus and the return to work for the majority of our staff. It truly is a glorious occasion. The DKU community took on the challenges posed by the coronavirus and did an amazing job protecting the health and well-being of staff, students and faculty. We are happy to report that we have not received any reports that anyone in our community has gotten ill from Covid-19.

We clearly have lots of hard work ahead. We need to facilitate a return to normal operations and regular academic programming while at the same time as maintaining vigilance against Covid-19. The risks posed by the virus have abated, but they have not disappeared. This means that as members of this community, we have a personal responsibility to practice good hygiene by wearing a mask in public, washing our hands regularly, and maintaining social distancing.

We have been happy to see the smiles on your faces as you return to work. With many parts of the world still affected by this public health emergency, we certainly need more things to smile about. It likely will take each of us some time to re-acclimate to work and social life. Please be patient and understanding with one another as we all try to return to our everyday lives.

No one really knows what “the new normal” will feel and look like after Covid-19. However, our hope and aspiration is that each day will get better and better. Our sincere wish is that the warmth and sounds of colleagues and students reuniting will soon fill the classrooms, offices and hallways of the DKU campus.

Welcome back.