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Center For The Study of Contemporary China

Center For The Study of Contemporary China

The Center for the Study of Contemporary China (CSCC) was established at Duke Kunshan University in 2018 to advance the university’s high-quality research and teaching on the social, economic and political factors that shape modern China.

By creating a platform for in-depth collaborations among faculty at Duke Kunshan University, Duke University, and Wuhan University, as well as other leading institutions around China and the world, the CSCC seeks to comprehend the study not only of the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, but also the global Chinese diaspora.

CSCC activities include conferences, seminars, symposiums, and a guest speaker series. Through these activities, scholars can build stronger connections, exchange ideas, and share their perspectives on trends and changes within China, as well as the country’s growing international importance.

Core affiliates of the CSCC are drawn from outstanding scholars in the social sciences and humanities for whom contemporary China is a primary research and teaching focus. They will build on Duke Kunshan University’s close collaborative relationship with the large concentration of Duke University and Wuhan University faculty whose research on China encompasses a range of disciplinary perspectives.

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