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DKU extends campus access restrictions, plans online courses

The following information was emailed to all members of the DKU community on Jan. 30 by the DKU Emergency Preparedness Task Force. We will share updates as we have them on our website and on Facebook and Twitter.

As the situation surrounding the coronavirus outbreak continues to evolve, DKU’s Emergency Preparedness Task Force is assessing its action plan on a daily basis to ensure we are doing our utmost to protect our community.

As a result, DKU has decided to extend its campus access restrictions until Monday Feb. 24 or until further notice. Only essential personnel will be required to report to work on campus before this date.

To minimize disruption to our academic schedule, the university is developing a remote online learning plan for our graduate and undergraduate programs. You will receive more details from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in the next few days.


What this means for students, faculty and staff


In the coming days, we will send you a mandatory survey to learn more about your internet access and provide details on which classes will be available online and how you can access them. Please complete the survey as soon as possible.

We understand that, for various reasons, some students may not have sufficient internet access to take part in online courses. Rest assured we are working on alternative learning solutions for this unique situation.

We strongly encourage students who have not already returned home to do so until further notice, unless you are from Hubei province (in which case follow the government’s travel guidance). Some airlines have canceled flights to and from China, and others may follow, so we strongly advise students who plan to leave the country to do so as soon as possible.

Students now residing on the main campus and Scholars Hotel can stay on campus or receive financial assistance to return home. DKU is exploring options to help the remaining students at Scholars Hotel relocate to the main campus to make it easier for them to access dining facilities and other campus services. Student Affairs will contact those students directly.



You will be able to work remotely to provide online classes until the campus reopens. Please refer to the message sent by the VCAA on Jan. 30. You will receive detailed instructions from the VCAA and DKU IT on how to access and use the system for online classes.



All essential personnel must enter through the North Gate by showing your DKU ID and special access permit (check with your supervisor). You will also be required to undergo a mandatory temperature check upon arrival.

All other employees are required to return to their place of residence – Kunshan, Suzhou or Shanghai – on or before Feb. 10. EXCEPTION: Those currently in Hubei should follow travel guidance from the government.

Staff are required to work from home for 14 calendar days to observe the recommended incubation period before returning to work on campus (including KSTEP) on Feb. 24 or until further notice. Contact your supervisor to arrange your work assignments between Feb. 10 and 23.

DKU is in constant communication with the Chinese government at all levels and will not ask any employee to travel unless we are fully confident that major risk factors have been abated.

Please note that as we continue to receive daily updates and notices from the government, DKU may be required to revise its reopening date again to meet the requirements of local or state authorities.


We know that this is a difficult time, but you are not alone. Together, no matter how long it takes, we will recover and rebuild. We thank you all for your flexibility and patience in these extraordinary circumstances.

Best wishes,

Chancellor Feng Youmei
Executive Vice Chancellor Denis Simon
DKU Emergency Preparedness Task Force