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Water Towns Environmental Film & Arts Festival

Jan 15th 2019 08:00 to Mar 01st 2019 17:30

This interdisciplinary and multimedia event intends to become a signature program each Spring at DKU. Celebrating in a humanities fashion nature/health, society, culture and arts, the DKU Film & Arts Festival will host filmmakers, scholars, scientists, and artists in a celebration and inquiry about the world we live in. 

Inspired by the distinct mission and curricular pathways of DKU Water Towns EFAF span several traditional disciplines: the moving image, environmental policy and science, the arts, and humanities which are explored cross culturally through documentary films and other multimedia production (visual arts, music, and performance) in rooted, global, and comparative ways.  Under the spirit of multidisciplinary inquiry and knowledge production Water Towns EFAF adds to the curriculum and academic programing from the arts and sciences bringing together worlds that cannot be reached otherwise. It also offers and opportunity of building (bridging) both an academic and local communities in Kunshan, Shanghai and beyond by sharing integrative (immersive) experiences -the cinematic as well as art and video installation, the most immersive arts of today.

Water Towns EFAF is an international (global) event that features recent and historical pieces of documentary film and artistic production under a selected theme. The theme will guide the principles of the festival but it will not limit both content and participation of titles and participants, Water Towns EFAF is an open platform. The main program will consist of a number of feature length films invited (curated by the selection committee), and two sections of SHORT films: Student Films and Independent Films, chose via an open call for submissions. Collateral events in the form of TED style talks (by filmmakers, guests, faculty, and students), performances, art exhibits, workshops, class visits, etc., will complement the main program.

Water Towns EFAF will take place every spring as a reminder of the celebration of life and the beginning of a cycle. For instance, the event works in relationship to DKU’s curricular and research interests with a two-fold platform: theory and praxis. The event would add to our curricular and research offerings and will serve as and active space of practice. It will take place in several venues at DKU; it will also work in partnership with local schools (elementary and secondary) and cultural centers in Kunshan and Shanghai. The main program will take place at DKU campus where students will host an international short program as well as serve as host for guest filmmakers, artists, and scholars. Water Towns EFAF committee (composed by faculty, staff, and students from multiple programs and units) organizes the festival, oversees the main program, and the call for submissions, as well as coordinate collateral events to make sure of the success of the event.

As on organic event, Water Towns EFAF is open for collaboration and participation of the DKU community, faculty, staff, students, artists, friends, and neighbors in order to create an open space of exchange and growth. The organizing committee will be a rotating body and welcomes anyone that wants to be part of the organization of the event each year.


JANUARY 7, 2019

Accepting Submissions

WATER TOWNS Environmental Film & Arts Festival is accepting submissions of short films. From January 15, 2019 to March 1, 2019. CLIC HERE! for more information. 


Titles to be made public on March 15, 2019