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Focus Areas

We aim to promote ecology and conservation research through interdisciplinary approach with cutting edge technology. In this area, we focus on biodiversity loss, endangered species conservation, changes in landcover and ecosystem services, climate change, habitat evaluation and connectivity analysis, conservation planning and protected area management across different regions in the world.

Environmental economics at the Duke Kunshan Environment Program uses economics to deal with the real-world environmental policy challenges.

The environmental governance area focuses on varies aspects and elements of procedures involved in the design and formation, enforcement and evaluation of policies, regulations and laws. We focus on both formal rule making processes and more informal norm setting procedures seeking to regulate environmental risks. We considered the involvement of both state and non-state actors in the management of natural resources.

Environmental health encompasses pollutants (air, water, soil), built environment, their sources and routes of exposure, and the health effects. It also involves climate change and potential threats to human health. Ultimately, scientific evidence is used for better policymaking.