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About Us

Duke Kunshan’s Environment Program is an incubator of knowledge and people. It is a place where environmental knowledge and experience meet with creativity and ambition. 

Knowledge for the Public

The Environmental Research Center draws knowledge from an array of fields together to tackle the most pressing environmental challenges in China, Asia and the world. Experts and scholars cooperate and inspire each other over the discussion and research on topics such as energy, climate change, water, ecosystem conservation, environment and public health. The center has become a platform where policy problems come for solutions and where knowledge and talents serve the society. 


People for the Future

Build upon the experience of master education at Duke University, the international Master of Environmental Policy (iMEP) program aims to train students to be global environmental leaders and with an emphasis on both international and Chinese experience and contexts. Based on the Duke Master of Public Policy (MPP) and Master of Environmental Management (MEM), the goal of iMEP program at Duke Kunshan is to create a highly analytical and innovative master’s degree. The program is of four-semesters and includes 16 courses for a total of 48 course hours. Students will spend ¾ of their time at Duke Kunshan and ¼ at Duke.  Through this program, students will be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of fields, which include but not limited to economics, statistics, energy, climate change, water management, conservation biology, environmental health, policy analysis, environmental law and governance.  They will also be supported to concentrate on a specific topic to develop their expertise through internships and 1-year master project. For students from China and around the world who care about the environment and who want to make a difference, the program is the place where they meet their mentors, friends, challenges and brand-new discoveries.