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2018 IMEP Summer Boot Camp Ended with a Grand Finale


The 2018 IMEP Summer Boot Camp started August 6th, 2018. After a two week journey filled with hard work, field trips, and new friendships, we turn to look back at our new memories.

At the beginning of the summer boot camp, DKU welcomed students from all over China, whose degrees differ from bachelors to PhD, including one high school student. Prof. Patrick Ward gave a mini microeconomics course right after the campus tour. Students soaked up every word, gaining substantial new knowledge in microeconomics.

Prof. Patrick Ward is teaching Microeconomics course

ther core modules in the first week focused on language learning. An English pronunciation course taught by Mr. Jimmy GAO and an academic writing course given by Prof. Kai Yang aimed to help students adapt quickly to an English language academic environment.

Mr. Jimmy GAO taught Pronunciation course.

On the weekend, students moved outside the classroom to explore areas around DKU. They visited the beautiful Tongli Wetland Park, adjacent to Cheng Lake(澄湖) and Baixian Lake(白蚬湖). With well-preserved waters and a prosperous forest, Tongli Wetland Park is regarded as one of the most optimal places for bird watching activities in the area. Using binoculars, students observed several bird species and their habitats.

As a great complement to our field trip, students attended the Environment & Art Workshop in DKU’s Water Pavilion. Students enhanced their understanding towards our ecosystem by sketching images related to several environmental issues.

Art Show

Students also visited the Humble Administrator’s Garden and the Suzhou Museum, where they had the opportunity to observe the local cultural heritage in Suzhou up close.

Bamboo forest in Suzhou Museum

The second week continued with a full schedule. Prof. Patrick Ward and Prof. Moon Joon Kim continued to introduce basic knowledge in microeconomics and statistics with vivid, real-world examples. While students found the course material quite challenging at times, they expressed that they enjoyed the classroom environment, in which students and professors often interacted in open discussions.

Prof. Moon Joon Kim is teaching Statistics course

After these intense study sessions, students went sightseeing in Jinxi Town(锦溪古镇), an ancient water town in the Kunshan region with a long history and graceful views. Jinxi is famous for Tiny Bridge, a strong flowing canal, and traditional homes, which immerse visitors in the experience of ancient China.

Jinxi Water Town

Boot camp students had the opportunity to experience the DKU campus farm. Guided by the volunteers of Yuefeng Island Organic Farm, students helped plant garlic, corn, romaine lettuce, carrots and more. They experienced the challenges and rewards of organic farming firsthand.

Students and volunteers are watering at Community Edible Garden

On the last day of the summer camp, rising second year IMEP students shared their experience and feelings about the iMEP program. Prof. Junjie Zhang, the Director of IMEP, spoke to students about some urgent environmental problems in Chinese society and how the iMEP program seeks to train students to deal with them. Finally, students received their program certificates from Prof. Zhang for successfully completing the Boot Camp.

Boot Camp class captain Rachel made a piece of video called “See you again”, showcasing the story students told together in the last two weeks.

iMEP faculty and staff bid farewell to all the students who joined them from outside the iMEP cohort. We hope to see you again!

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