Duke Kunshan University Hosts the 6th Energy Observe Magazine eo Youth Field Trip Concluding Meeting | Duke Kunshan University

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Duke Kunshan University Hosts the 6th Energy Observe Magazine eo Youth Field Trip Concluding Meeting


On October 21st, Duke Kunshan University hosted a conference to discuss the results of the 2018 Energy eo Youth Summer Research Project. The 2018 Energy eo Youth Summer Research Project is a large-scale public welfare project organized by “Energy Observe” magazine.

The hosts of the event were Zhang Junjie, Associate Professor of Duke University and the Director of the Environmental Research Center of Duke Kunshan University, and Feng Jie, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Energy Observe. The guests included Wang Zhixuan, Vice Chairman of China Electricity Council, Zheng Xinye, Vice President of School of Economics, Renmin University of China, and Dong Xuzhu, Deputy Chief Engineer of Electric Power Research Institute. Wang Zhixuan focuses on technical fields such as power development, power environmental protection, resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, and the power industry's response to climate change. Zheng Xinye is a professor at Renmin University of China. His main research areas are empirical public economics, energy economics, and microeconomic development economics. Dong Xuzhu has served as chief engineer of the consulting department of the American Electric Power Research Institute. Specifically engaged in the research and development of smart grid and asset management. The three guests conducted on-site comments and guidance on the research results of the students through their rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Caption 1: From left to right, Feng Jie, Deputy Editor-in-chief of Energy Observe magazine; Zheng Xinye, Deputy Director of the School of Economics of Renmin University of China; Wang Zhixuan, Vice Chairman of China Electricity Council; and Dong Xuzhu, Deputy Chief Engineer of Electric Power Research Institute.

Caption 2: Before the five research teams shared the results of their work, the three guests participated in a panel discussion. The theme of the discussion regarded the impact of various mechanisms on the development of renewable energy. The conversation was very interesting and thought-provoking. Wang Zhixuan taught the students how to scientifically look at the relationship between coal-fired power and renewable energy. Zheng Xinye reminded students of the changes in cost supervision and inspection policies. He also talked about the impact price mechanisms have on renewable energy consumption. Dong Xuzhu talked about the impact and shaping of renewable energy on the power grid system.

Five finalists from all over the country presented the results of their research.

Caption 3: Peking University: Analysis of heating pressure of “Replace coal with natural gas” in “2+26” city in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei

Caption 4: Danish University of Science and Technology: Research on the Status Quo of the Development of Offshore Wind Power Industry in Guangdong Province

Caption 5: Renmin University of China: China's renewable energy consumption problem

Caption 6: Shanghai Electric Power University: Analysis of Nuclear Power Equipment Supply Chain Management

Caption 7: Duke Kunshan University: Analysis of the Investment Challenges Faced by State Grid's Investment in Brazil--Taking the Gavintoo Remix Project as an Example

The conference selected the Renmin University of China and the Peking University research teams as the two best research teams of the year. These teams were selected based on the quality of their research report, their survey methods, and their on-site presentation at the conference..

Caption 8:The 6th eo Youth Concluding Meeting encourages young people to learn more about energy by providing financial and professional guidance to college students concerned with energy issues. Through field research, a constructive report is finally formed. The 6th eo Youth Concluding Meeting successfully ended in 2018, and we look forward to the next summer vacation.