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Duke Kunshan University's International Master of Environmental Policy Begins!


On August 27, the freshmen of the international Master of Environmental Policy (iMEP) program from five countries, together with other first-year students from the Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering program, the Master of Management Studies, Master of Medical Physics program, and the seventy-three freshmen from Duke University who will complete autumn courses at Duke Kunshan University due to a restriction of international travel, attended the opening ceremony for the graduate students entering of Duke Kunshan University in 2020.

The opening ceremony officially began at 3 pm, when Professor Youmei Feng, president of Duke Kunshan University, gave a speech of welcome to the students, wishing them her best.

In her address, President Feng said that Duke's master programs and its research center provide innovative and interdisciplinary training, research support, and unique opportunities for talented students worldwide. It trains them for future leadership roles in their professions, fields, and society.

President Feng sent a message to the new students: "While the undergraduate students soar above the arts and sciences of the liberal arts curriculum, you are delving deeply into environmental issues, studying difficult health policy issues, learning business and leadership skills, designing new technologies, and providing solutions for public health and protection. You come to Duke Kunshan University and begin new chapters in your education, training, and personal development. I wish you all the best in life!"

Professor Scott MacEachern, Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Duke Kunshan University, said in a subsequent address: "Graduate programs are critical to the development of Duke Kunshan University. They build on Duke University and Wuhan University's strengths and adapt them to the needs and opportunities of China. So far, more than 300 students have graduated from graduate programs here. Some have continued to receive education in world-class universities; some have entered the health medical industries; some have obtained highly paid positions in the financial and business fields. They are real professionals from all walks of life around the world.”

On behalf of the faculty team in the international Master of Environmental Policy program, Professor Coraline Goron said: "Duke Kunshan is a place for you to study every day, and also a place to learn how to keep learning in your future life. Curiosity is the key to enriching your life. You will find that there are endless new fields to explore, new concepts and technologies to invent. But by working with top scientists in various fields, you will have many opportunities to broaden your horizons and discover new research areas. We hope you can seize not only such opportunities but also create them."

iMEP international students from the United States, Vietnam, Rwanda, and Azerbaijan attended the opening ceremony via video and sent a video greeting.

At the end of the opening ceremony, all students signed the Duke Community Standard and took a photo with President Feng Youmei and Vice President Scott MacEachern.


Translator: Yunan Mei, Proofreader: Remington Gillis