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International Master of Environmental Policy program 2020 summer data promotion camp ends perfectly!


The iMEP summer data promotion camp officially began on the 3rd of August, 2020. We welcomed 20 students in undergraduate or graduate programs from universities across the country. Apart from completing the learning objectives and achieving the graduation certificate, students also developed some long-lasting friendships over the course of the week-long program.

Participating students were able to hone skills essential to developing projects about the environmental economy, such as Python data analysis and cases analysis of environmental policies. The course also allowed students to develop career-oriented skills like writing and career planning and guidance. They also had the opportunity to learn from lectures on environmental policy, and partake in outdoor activities.

Eleven professors were invited in a combination of online and in-person courses to give lectures on environmental policy and related fields. For instance, the academic writing taught by Professor Kai Yang helped students adapt to the English learning environment, and the data analysis conducted by Professor Jingbo Cui enabled students to learn the necessary Python skills. The environmental economics course, co-conducted by Professor Patrick Ward and Professor Xiaochen Zhang enhanced students’ understanding of the relationships between the economy and the environment. A course about to GIS was also taught by Professor Wu Shuyao to introduce the interface to students. Professor Junjie Zhang, John Ji, Binbin Li, and Kathinka Furst from iMEP also brought online lectures covering environmental economy, environmental health, ecological protection, and environmental policy.

To help students plan out their career direction, the DKU career service center also guided students in how they can start to think about their future directions and polish their resumes.

During the weekend, students experienced in a practical context some of the content they had been learning in the classroom. Professor Coraline Goron took them on a trip to Kunshan Yufeng to conduct some field research. The island faces Yangcheng Lake and is backed by a puppet lake and is rich in terrestrial, aquatic animals, and plants. Students explored the relationship between the sustainable development of the city and agriculture on the farm.

On the last day, students shared their feelings during the promotion camp, and received some warm messages from the professors who had led them through the camp. Professor Scott MacEachern, vice president of academic affairs at Duke Kunshan University, made the closing speech and presented students with the graduation certificate. Professor MacEachern remarked on how the pandemic had highlighted the importance of environmental policy students and how they can make valuable contributions to the world’s environment and health in the future.

It was an exciting and fulfilling week. Although the time was short, students were delved into core issues in environmental management and public policy, while also developing their research and critical thinking skills. We were looking forward to meeting you in iMEP!

International Master of environmental policy (IMEP) at Duke Kunshan University is the first international master program integrating environmental management and public policy core courses. The master’s degree is awarded by Nicholas School of the Environment and Sanford School of public policy of Duke University in the United States, aiming to cultivate a new generation of leading talents in the environment.

The Fall 2021semster of iMEP is now open for application. Please see the enrollment brochure for specific application information.


Translation: Yunan Mei
Proofreading: Anisha Joshi