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The king and queen of Norway met professor from Duke Kunshan University


On October 18th, Kathinka Furst, Professor of Environmental Policy at Duke Kunshan University, met with King Harald V and Queen Song Ya of Norway in Shanghai to discuss marine conservation and sustainable development. Also in attendance were Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma and officials from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China. Professor Furst introduced the Blue Pioneer Program, which is jointly sponsored by the Paradise International Foundation, the Yintai Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and the Ocean Public Welfare Talent Training program undertaken by Duke Kunshan University's Master of Environmental Policy program.

Professor Furst introduced the Blue Pioneer Project to the King and Queen of Norway on behalf of Duke Kunshan University

The Blue Pioneer Program (BPP) was developed at Duke Kunshan University in 2017. The vision of the project for the next decade is to train more than 100 professionals already engaged in marine protection for China to cultivate 20 local marine protection professional organizations in China, and to train new students in marine conservation through the international Masters of Environmental Policy (iMEP) program.

Professor Furst speaks at the China-Norway Business Summit

Dr. Kathinka Furst, Deputy Director of the Environmental Research Center at Duke Kunshan University, is the principal of the Blue Pioneer Project. She grew up on the Norwegian beach, and the ocean represents the best memories of her childhood, she says. She has lived in China for 15 years and is a "China hand".

In the context of globalization, environmental issues have long crossed national boundaries. Dr. Furst’s research focuses on policies, laws, regulations, and relationships between nations. She is most interested in the interaction between the government and NGOs and is committed to the development of environmental talent in the NGO space. She understands deeply that developing talent is the key to marine protection. Through the capacity building of young talent, the Blue Pioneer Program can help young professionals successfully enter non-profit organizations, enterprises and government departments to truly engage in marine protection.

Dr. Kathinka Furst took a group photo with Blue Pioneer representatives and some guests during a BPP training workshop this past summer.

Duke Kunshan University's Blue Pioneer Project has already conducted three workshops of concentrated learning for mid-career professionals and conducted two field exercises. The Third module is scheduled in November 2018.