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Research Fellows

Research staff

Research and Administrative Assistant for Environmental Health

Her main job responsibilities involve environment health research and coordination.

She received bachelor's degree in Preventive Medicine from Wuhan University and master degree in Global Health from Duke University, based in Kunshan, China.

Research Assistant in Conservation Biological 

His main job responsibilities are protecting area planning and management, endangering species conservation research specifically on giant pandas, connectivity analysis, and developing monitoring techniques such as footprint identification technique and drones.

He received his Bachelor degree in Huazhong Agricultural University in 2015 and his Master degree in Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2018.

Research Assistant for Environmental Research Center

Her main job responsibilities are data analysis and environmental policy research under supervision or independently.

She received her Master Degree from Nanjing University.

Research Assistant and Environmental Mission Scholar

His main responsibility and research interests are on environmental law and public policy from Socio-legal perspective, with a focus on the role of non-state actors in environmental governance processes. He is also interested in Chinese politics and international relations issues.

He graduated from Peking University (with honors) with a Juris Doctor (American Law) and Juris Master (Chinese Law) in 2018 and received his Bachelor of Laws from Shijiazhuang Tiedao University in 2012. He had worked as a civil servant and interned with the United Nations.

Research Assistant for Environmental Research Center

His main job responsibilities are providing assistantship to data analysis, environmental policy research and other research work. His Research interests include emission trading schemes, renewable energy and electricity market.

He received his master’s degree of Environmental Management from Duke University and received his bachelor’s degree of Environmental Science from Fudan University.

Research Assistant for Environmental Research Center

She is an environmental attorney in Shanghai, member of the public interest litigation network. Her main responsibility is providing assistantship to environmental policy, public interest litigation and environmental criminal cases research.

She received her master’s degree of Environmental Law from Fuzhou University, and she is also an LLM student at Vermont Law School.