Arts and Music Festival | Opening Performance and Installation: “Hide & Seek” | Duke Kunshan University

Arts and Music Festival | Opening Performance and Installation: “Hide & Seek”

E.g., 01/22/2022
E.g., 01/22/2022
17:00 to 17:30
AB west side | Online

Performers: Mickey Chen, Nancy Du, Leiyuan Tian, Yunjie Zheng and Zheng Zou.

Do you want to play a game? Are you the predator or the prey in this city jungle? Do you really know who you are and what kind of role you play?

There is no longer a complete picture of life. Life is divided into small pieces. These pieces are scattered everywhere. Every day, we pick up different pieces and try to recombine them or cut them into even smaller pieces. In a game of masquerade, we are sometimes connected/disconnected with each other. We think we know others well, but we don’t. In fact, we probably know nothing about ourselves. Some of us are floating; some of us are sinking; some of us are climbing up and down an invisible ladder. We don’t know where we are going to, and we don’t know where things end. The reality is virtualized. The information is digitalized. We are individual figures with numerous figures. We are bought and sold a million times a day. Our life in this modern world is a big puzzle with endless anxiety.

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This event is open to DKU community members only.

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