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The Announcement of 2020 Suzhou Online Campus Recruitment Fair for Graduates

E.g., 04/12/2021
E.g., 04/12/2021
03/01 - 05/31
09:00 to 18:00

In order to minimize the impact of the epidemic situation on the employment of college graduates, Suzhou city has set up an "air channel" for campus recruitment, 2020 Suzhou Online Campus Recruitment Fair. Duke Kunshan University is one of the cooperative universities in Suzhou of this event.

The details are as follows:


March~May 2020


  1. Enterprises and institutions registered in Suzhou.
  2. Graduates from cooperative colleges and Universities: Colleges and universities in Suzhou area, members of the University Alliance of eight cities along the Yangtze river, and relevant colleges and universities cooperating with Suzhou City.


  1. PC:
  2. WeChat:
    Scan QR code below and follow the Subscription “苏州人才中心”, click the menu bar“品牌服务-校园引才”,access the WeChat online Campus Recruitment Fair.

Detailed registration guidance for recruiters and students please check the link below:

We should take the hardest responsibility to stabilize employment and focus on talents. The sudden epidemic situation can not hinder Suzhou's desire for talents. The rising sun could not be covered by dark clouds, and the spring could not be prevented by the epidemic. Let's look forward to meeting you in Suzhou in the year of Gengzi, where work and life are "all very good", to show your talent and achieve your dream!

Suzhou Talent Service Center

Career Services of Duke Kunshan University

Feb.25th, 2020