Film Screening | ’11.11’ & ‘Asia One’ | The Future of Work and Labor | Duke Kunshan University

Film Screening | ’11.11’ & ‘Asia One’ | The Future of Work and Labor

E.g., 01/21/2022
E.g., 01/21/2022
Nov. 11
IB Lecture Hall | Online

DKU’s Humanities Research Center kicks off its fall conference with two films from internationally renowned multimedia artist Cao Fei.

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Cao Fei’s two films about the future of work and labor were partially shot in Kunshan.

7-8:10pm: “11.11” (2018)
“11.11” is a documentary that records the work overload of the entire logistics system before and after the “double eleven” shopping day in China (the equivalence of Black Friday in the U.S.). From goods being sorted at’s gigantic sorting center in the outskirts of Beijing and the double eleven national command center at’s headquarters, to the numerous delivery points spread across Beijing’s entire commercial and traditional districts, and the mission and individual existence of the couriers working at online shopping terminals. All of the above sketch out the landscape of a system of consumption driven by the powerful internet economy (JD alone achieved RMB 120 million in total sales on that single day). How will this situation lead us into a future social ecosystem?

8:10-8:15pm: Intermission

8:15-9:20pm: “Asia One” (2018)
“Asia One” envisions a scene in 2021, when a young female worker, a male worker and a cute AI robot (who is the daily companion of the female worker) are working in a large automated logistics center, Asia One Unmanned Warehouse. After long periods of loneliness and repetitious labor in the factory, the young workers start to have a special feeling for each other. In a humdrum day-to-day worklife, they seem to have fallen in an emotional entanglement between the “unmanned” (intelligentized production), “human” and “non-human” (robot).

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