Water Towns: Environmental Film & Arts Festival | Duke Kunshan University

Water Towns: Environmental Film & Arts Festival

E.g., 03/24/2019
E.g., 03/24/2019
04/11- 04/14
09:00 to- 17:30
Duke Kunshan University campus

Celebrating nature and health, society, culture and arts, Water Towns Environmental Film & Arts Festival will host filmmakers, scholars, scientists, and artists in a celebration and inquiry about the world we live in.


Water Towns EFAF is an international event that features recent and historical pieces of documentary film and artistic production under a selected theme. The theme will guide the principles of the festival but it will not limit both content and participation of titles and participants; the event is an open platform. The main program will consist of numerous feature length films curated by the selection committee, and two sections of short films (student films and independent filmmakers), selected via an open call for submissions. Parallel events in the form of TED style talks (by filmmakers and special guests), performances, art exhibits, workshops, etc., will complement the main program.

Water Towns EFAF will take place in several venues at Duke Kunshan University, Jiangsu, China in the spring as a reminder of the celebration of life and the beginning of a cycle.

Key dates and information

April 11 - 14, 2019

Note. Parallel exhibitions will be in display April – May, at Duke Kunshan University campus.

Festival Format

Water Towns EFAF is a four-day festival. Up to 50 titles (15 feature length, 35 shorts) are under consideration for screening. The Main Program will be curated by the organizing committee.

Water Towns EFAF will screen documentary films, feature length and short films as part of its main program. The films will be in English and Chinese (Mandarin), with subtitles or captions. In special cases (and if necessary) subtitling will be added.

Topics to be Explored

Water Towns EFAF 2019 Main Topic: Plastics in the environment, ocean pollution, and plastics in the food chain (environmental and health related problems).

Related topics: waste management, environmental pollution, invasive species, environmental justice, conservation, mobility, mapping, visual poetry on waste, etc.

will include research and action as part of its mission.

 *<By screening a film(s) on plastic in the environment we will invite the audience/students to take action –not to use any plastic for a day, count all the plastic used during a day, collect all plastic used in a day and produce a collective art installation, get to know the science and policy around the issue, etc.>

Water Towns EFAF is a Free and Open Event. However, Water Towns EFAF will require special registration. In addition, to defray costs a donation package will be offered to the community for $100RMB. That will allow community members to assist to special screenings and participate in collateral events.

Open Call for submissions

Water Towns EFAF features full length and short documentary films on issues of the environment in a variety of programs. By submitting an application, your film will be considered for the <student> or <independent> SHORT competitive categories and Invited Program categories. SHORT films to be considered have to be 10 minutes or less. Filmmakers whose films are selected for the festival will be notified at the time of acceptance whether their films will be screening in competitive or invited Program categories. Films screening in the Invited Program are not eligible for awards.


Visit: https://sites.duke.edu/watertowns/


Xue Qui 仇雪, Environmental Research Center. xue.qiu@dukekunshan.edu.cn

Dave Hare, Humanities Research Center (HRC). david.hare@dukekunshan.edu.cn

Miguel Rojas-Sotelo, Director Water Towns EFAF.  mlr34@duke.edu